New Design – The Odessa Cuff with DiamonDuos!

Hello, dear friends! I am so excited to share my newest pattern with you!

Behold! My Odessa Bracelet Cuff!



Click me for pattern link!

I am so excited about this cuff! First off, I have been absolutely in love with these DiamonDuo beads lately. When we got them in at work, I’m pretty sure I spent at least ten minutes just staring at them instead of actually weighing and packaging them like I was supposed to.

I wanted to make a bracelet to really showcase their unique shape and gorgeous color finishes, so I built a base of Tilas and Half-Tilas and used some netting to create this structured cuff! It reminded me of some photos i had seen recently of an Ukrainian opera house – so I named it my Odessa cuff!

Every time I post a new bracelet design, I get a few people that purchase the pattern and then want to know what exact color I used, so I decided to start writing out my color choices for each sample bracelet that I’ve made so far.

DSC01717 So, this bracelet is the first one that I shared on Facebook and it got a lot of attention. (It’s my favorite so far!)
DiamonDuos: Chalk Lumi Green (CW65431)
Tilas: Matte Copper (2005)
Half Tilas: Matte Metallic Blue Gray (2001)
Main 11/0’s: Matte Metallic Silver Gray (2002)
Accent 11/0’s: Unknown (Sorry, guys!)
15/0’s: Sparkle Beige Lined Crystal (1521)

This one was my original prototype. DSC01674
Lots of silvers and grays – very sleek.

DiamonDuos: Concrete Gray (29566)
Tilas: Galvanized Gray Luster (1865)
Half Tilas: Matte Metallic Blue Gray (2001)
Main 11/0’s: Gunmetal (451)
Accent 11/0’s: Union Beads Silver (131-27000)
15/0’s: Steel (190)

This one was an attempt to break into warmer colors. LOVE those deep blue/green Tilas.

DiamonDuos: Matte Gold (MGD)
Tilas: Matte Metallic Blue Green Iris (2064)
Half Tilas: Dark Bronze (457)
Main 11/0’s: Metallic Blue Iris (452)
Accent 11/0’s: Matte Opaque Lt Cream (2021)
15/0’s: Matte Opaque Lt Cream (2021)


This pretty clasp by Elegant Elements inspired me to splurge on gold plated Half-Tilas.

DiamonDuos: Matte Black (FJ)
Tilas: Matte Turquoise AB (412fr)
Half Tilas: 24kt Gold Plated (191)
Main 11/0’s: Silver Lined Blue Zircon (1425)
Accent 11/0’s: Black (401)
15/0’s: Galvanized Gold (1052)

After so much color, though, I wanted to retreat to my dark earthtones.

DiamonDuos: Jet Picasso (J434)
Tilas: Matte Bronze (2006)
Half Tilas: Black (401)
Main 11/0’s: Smoky Black Picasso (4511)
Accent 11/0’s: Matte Metallic Silver (2091)
15/0’s: Matte Light Olive (2033)


And finally, I decided to try some modern fall tones in mustard and cobalt.

DiamonDuos: Chocolate Bronze (14415)
Tilas: Matte Mustard (2312)
Half Tilas: Dark Bronze (457)
Main 11/0’s: Picasso Opaque Cobalt (4518)
Accent 11/0’s: Galvanized Gold (1052)
15/0’s: Galvanized Gold (1052)

Phew! I do have a few more combinations set aside to try out, but I am super stoked by what I have tried out so far. Do you have a favorite? Any color combinations you want to try out? Let me know in the comments!


Until next time, my dears!


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