Original Designs

Hey, everybody!

So, I have several original designs that I have written up over the past few years that are currently available in my Etsy shop.

You can find patterns for all my original designs here.

I do also have finished jewelry for sale in that shop, so feel free to poke around the other sections for color inspiration or to do some shopping!

Please note, though, that those patterns are copyrighted by me. This means that after purchasing the pattern you can make as many pieces of jewelry as you want and can sell them, if you wish. But I do ask that if you post photos of the finished jewelry online (including in your Etsy shop) you include credit to me as the designer.

Here’s an example from my own Etsy shop. I made this pendant from two different sources, combined in my own unique way. But since the designs were still obviously the same as the patterns from each designer, so I needed to give credit. So, I included this paragraph in the Etsy description:


“This pendant was an elaborate mix of designs by very talented designers. The teardrop pendant is an adaptation of Lisa Khan’s Sundara Necklace, which can be found in her fantastic book, Bead Metamorphosis. The smaller Rivoli segment on top is an adaptation of Gail Damm’s Rivoli Dangles pattern.”

It’s as easy as that! That way, if people see my necklace and want to make it for themselves, they know where to go and Lisa Khan and Gail Damm get their business, as they deserve.

The other thing about buying patterns is making sure not to copy, share, or teach them. Making copies of a pattern you purchased and distributing them among your beading group is stealing from the person who wrote the pattern. You need to make sure that everyone paid for the pattern individually so the designer gets their due. For some of us, this is a huge source of our income and those little $5’s make up our grocery budget (or help pay off our student loans).

As for wanting to teach my patterns, be sure to hop over to my Teaching Policy page for more info!

Thanks so much for purchasing ethically and supporting the designers you love!

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