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Here There Be Dragons!

WARNING: This is a long, treacherous post full of Serpents, Dragons, and about a million links. Continue at your own risk. I’d been working on a gift for a friend lately and she finally got it in the mail, so … Continue reading

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Bridget’s Modeling Career

I have a pretty good system now for publishing my original patterns. Whenever I come up with a new design, I teach it at Beaded Bliss in Harrison, OH to a group of my dearest bead-lady friends. This last Saturday, … Continue reading

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In which Sam makes a mistake…

Generally, I use 6lb or 8lb Fireline and I like to be well-stocked in both sizes and both Smoke and Crystal colors. Unfortunately, when I ordered my last role of Fireline, I apparently bought 20lb instead of 8lb. Now, 8lb … Continue reading

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How I Illustrate my Patterns

I get a lot of questions when I teach classes about my written patterns and how I illustrate the steps, so I thought I would do a quick write up about it here. Quick warning: I am not a professional … Continue reading

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