Bridget’s Modeling Career

I have a pretty good system now for publishing my original patterns. Whenever I come up with a new design, I teach it at Beaded Bliss in Harrison, OH to a group of my dearest bead-lady friends. This last Saturday, for example, we all gathered together to work up my new  Stash Worm Bracelet.


Mine is the peach/brown one on the upper left.

During these classes, the ladies are kind enough to proofread my work and roundly abuse me should I misspell anything or if any particular step in unclear. They let me have it the one time I skipped  “figure M” and went straight from “L” to “N”. They teased me mercilessly about having a degree in Literary Studies and not knowing my ABC’s.

After these classes, I usually dart home to get pictures of my samples before the sun sets. I can’t take the photos earlier, because my samples are usually in the shop advertising the class. This particular photo session went fairly well – I had a lot of sun and the tree near my balcony was dappling the light just right.

Then Bridget decided to make her modeling debut.

Bridget's little calico butt is interrupting my photo shoot.

Bridget’s little calico butt is interrupting my photo shoot.



Eventually, the little drama queen realized that fighting inanimate objects for my attention was beneath her and allowed me to continue. I actually got some pretty good shots of the bracelets before the light finally died away completely.

P1060256 P1060247

P1060255 P1060257

My last step before publishing is to add my logo to the cover photo along with the name of the pattern. Then the listing can be posted to Etsy and a new pattern is born! I could never get these out so quickly or review them so meticulously without my wonderful friends at Beaded Bliss. And while Bridget was certainly not helpful with her camera-hogging ways, it’s nice to have her about to admire my work.

Click through the picture for a link to the pattern.

Click through the picture for a link to the pattern.

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