2016 Secret Bead-Along with Jean Powers!

Hello, everybody!

I am planning on participating in this year’s Secret Bead-Along, hosted by Jean Powers. Last summer, some of my friends told me about this really cool project they were all doing, where they received instructions for a secret beading project, and worked up a complicated beaded piece, without ever knowing what they were making. I was intrigued, but when they revealed that the prep work involved peyote bezeling a bunch of rivolis, I bailed. Bezeling is not my forte.

But this year, one of my friends showed me the materials list for this year’s secret project and there were no Rivolis involved, so I decided to gather up my courage and go for it!  This year’s project calls for seed beads in 15/0’s, 11/0’s, and 8/0’s, MiniDuos, Czechmate Brick Beads, 4mm Fire-polished Czech beads, and 3mm Swarovski Bicones.

These are the colors I picked. Lots of grays, dark silvers, and mottled pink/greens.


Keep in mind that I had NO clue what the project was going to be when I picked these out. That was the fun part!

You can purchase the secret pattern from Jean Power’s here. Hint: You can get it at half-price if you join her newsletter! Then, you can purchase your materials and begin your prep work. This time, it involves tubular peyote, which is right up my alley!

It includes all the instructions, so you an begin beading whenever you want (I’m actually already on Day 3!), but you can’t share your work or what the secret project is, until the end of the project in early August.

I am so excited to share this project with you guys when the week of reveals finally arrives.

Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to 2016 Secret Bead-Along with Jean Powers!

  1. Lori Finney says:

    I’m doing it too, Sam, and am also working on Day 3. I’m sure you and I are also alike in that life happens, and being a bit ahead of the game is a decided advantage!…just in case. :-) …I’m working in cream, amethyst and mottled greens.
    I did last year’s as well and LOVED the project when I was finished..in fact, I definitely intend to do many of the pieces again. I liked that I learned several different “bits” that I could use in different ways, and also had a completed piece I was just delighted with.
    Honestly, I would try last year’s at some point; I’m not a good bezeler either, but I had really no problems the way Jean does it.
    Good to see you’re joining us!


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Lori! I may work up the courage to go back and try last years. I’ve seen photos and some of the Rivoli “skirts” are really, really pretty. But, I’m really excited for this years and can’t wait to see everyone’s pieces! :D


  2. Sam, I am a fan of your work and your blog. I also Love Jean Power and after reading your blog, I signed up for the mystery challenge myself. Now I get to pick out my colors as I just got the first steps, but I am going to bead ahead myself as I am too curious to wait…Thanks for your blogs and great patterns.


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