August Pattern Review 2019

Hello, friends! I’ve got a much more cheerful post this week. Thanks for all your support with the last post, but I am more than ready to move on and talk about the important stuff – beading!

IMG_2075 (Edited)

I have been busy! I’ve been helping out at Beaded Bliss this month and it’s given me a lot more beading time than I usually have. So, I revisited four of my old patterns this month.

First up, I REALLY wanted to make a new Ruched Tila bracelet. I think I made four of them when the pattern first came out, but I really hadn’t touched it since then. And since I only ever made the one sunset version with the ombre effect, I definitely wanted to try it again. This time, I did a Picasso ombre version. The seed beads cycle through Picasso Montana (4516), Seafoam (4514), Olivine (4506), Smoky Topaz (4505) and Red Brown (4503). The Tilas are the Matte Metallic Copper (2005) and the 11/0’s on the side are just some random unlabeled copper from my stash.

IMG_2079 (Edited)

After that, I wanted to keep with my Tila theme, so I decided to make a new Odessa sample. I mixed Beige Ceylon Tilas with Picasso Olivine Half-Tilas for the base and used matching seed beads in Picasso Olivine and Matte Bronze for the detailing. The crazy reflective GemDuos are Backlit Tequila (00030-28002).

And after that, I wanted to keep using those same Backlit Tequila GemDuos (they’re just SO shiny omg), so I paired them with Picasso Montana (4516) and gold seed beads for this dainty TipToe chain bracelet. I have a supply of defective “two-hole” lentil beads from work that only have one hole, and I used one of them as a cute dangle.

And finally, because I had one more evening of beading this past week, I made two pairs of my SuperDuo Star earrings! I really indulged some of my favorite colors for this one. The cream and Montana Rembrandt pair are possibly my favorite earrings I’ve ever made with this pattern, but the burnt copper and light rose pair is pretty high up there too.


It’s been a really productive month for me and I’m really happy with how each of these pieces came out. Of course, now I have to list them, which you all know I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator about. But, I’ll get some more photos and add them to the queue!

IMG_2077 (Edited)

I think I might try to stay in this kind of earthy, Picasso and cream color palette for a bit longer. Clearly I find it inspirational, haha! Why mess with a good thing?

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  1. Liz Browning Fox says:

    Love them all…….but Odessa is right up there with my favorite bracelets of all time.

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