New Design – The Tiptoe Chain Bracelet with GemDuos or DiamonDuos!

Hi, everybody! Guess what I’ve gooooooot?!?


I’ve got a brand new pattern available in my etsy shop! The Tiptoe Chain bracelet works with either GemDuos or DiamonDuos and seed beads in a variation on RAW. Sorta.

Due to popular request, I have included the colors in the actual pattern, including all 15 colors that I used to make this rainbow ombre triple wrap version. ALL 15 COLORS just for you guys. I hope you know I love you guys.


Isn’t it cute? I’ve been developing this pattern over the last month, so it was definitely Pride inspired. I use the black and matte black as a unifying element and then went crazy with the rainbows. If you’re local to Cincinnati, Cathy is selling kits at Beaded Bliss, but you can also use it as a stash busting project – check your stash and see what kind of rainbow you can make.


My original prototype was a delicate single strand and the dainty nature of the bracelet was the inspiration for the name. After the crazy Joystone Bezel I did last round, it was refreshing to make something more simple and delicate.


Then, I decided to make a muli-strand! To do so, I just made three identical bracelets and attached them to a three-strand clasp. It was easy as pie and I think the effect is super pretty.


One thing to be aware of is that Toho 11/0’s will not work as the main 11/0’s. You can use them for the 8/0’s or the accent 11/0’s, but if you try to use them around the DiamonDuos or GemDuos, they won’t fit. It’ll stay all jumbly instead of giving you that sleek eye shape. That’s spelled out in the pattern, but just a heads up!


So what do you think? Something nice and new and crisp and easy. <3


Stay tuned for some special birthday news in early July! I’m turning 26 on July 4th and there just might maybe be a flash sale to have you guys celebrate with me! <3

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