New Design – The Compass Star Pendant with Crescents and Twists!

Hello, again, my dears!

I have been a busy bee this past month and have another design ready to show you!

I’m calling these little babies my Compass Star pendants, because the eight-points reminded me of old compass roses, which apparently used to be called Compass Stars.

These pendants are definitely a creative reach for me. I don’t do pendants very often, but I’ve really been enjoying the stark flower shape and simple construction. It uses Czech Twist beads for the petals, a shining rivoli for the center, curving Crescents, Druk beads, and 11/0’s to build the bezel. I’ve made a few samples so far, and I have been having a blast!

DSC01783This first once is full of rosy goodness. The petals on this one are matte, so the Crescents and Rivoli reeeeally pop!

Czech Twists:White Matte Trav Red
Crescents: Saturated Metallic Copper Pink
Rivoli: Mahogany
Druk: Rose Topaz Luster
11/0’s: Ruby Gold Luster



This one is something I would definitely wear. White matte with khaki and olive are delightful, clean colors that I love to wear.

Czech Twists:White Matte
Crescents: Matte Metallic Khaki
Rivoli: Olivine
Druk: Rose Topaz Luster
11/0’s: Matte Khaki Iris



These blues might be my favorite though. The Crystal AB is so reflective and shiny!

Czech Twists:White Travertine Blue
Crescents: Metallic Suede Dark Green
Rivoli: Crystal AB
Druk: Crystal Green Luster
11/0’s: Silver Lined Emerald AB

I cannot wait to play around with this pattern some more. Once you get the design down, it only takes about an hour to make one, so I bet I’ll be using this design a lot for gifts this year!


Now, I just need to decide which colors to do next!



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