Clasp Wars : Partially Finished Bracelet Ends

Well, I thought I was done with my Clasp Wars series, but then these guys came out!


The idea is that you can make a partial bracelet and then use these endings to finish off the bracelet, a major bonus being that it is adjustable!

Here’s the Beadsmith demonstration of how you can use them-

There’s not a lot of photos of completed projects available, but I’ll post some as soon as I make something. We’ve started selling them at Beads Direct USA (you can find them here) and I’m pretty excited to play with them.

Partially Finished Adjustable Bracelet Ends Gold Plated 3 Sets

My initial thoughts are these. I love that they make a project so adjustable, but personally I’m not a huge fan of having lots of dangling things around my wrist? But being able to hang something cute from each end is really nice too and I love how easily the smart bead glides up and down. It seems secure, but easy enough for arthritic hands to use. I really, really, really wish they came in more colors though. I almost never use bright gold or silver – I’m much more into antiqued (matte) bronzes and coppers.

Also, “Partially Finished Bracelet Ends” is a super clunky and forgettable name. The marketing team really needs a do-over on that one, geez. That name is incredible hard to search for and that’s SEO 101, guys. No good.

What do you guys think? Interested in giving them a try? Are they for lazy beaders or an ingenious bracelet revolution? Or both?

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1 Response to Clasp Wars : Partially Finished Bracelet Ends

  1. alycat55 says:

    I, too like the concept and use it on leather cord or suede Necklaces but with a ceramic bead or similar. I do not like dangling ends around my hands / wrists. Alysen


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