New Design – Princess Cordelia Necklace and Earrings!

Hi, friends!

Sorry I’ve been a little absent – life has been hectic! We went to Florida last week for the wedding of a dear friend and I just started panicking about making Christmas gifts. But I did manage to get this new pattern finished!

May I present *drumroll* my Princess Cordelia necklace and earring set!

I’m so happy with it! It’s a little more formal and dainty than my designs tend to go, but I had such a good time picking out the colors and fussing around with the pearl placement.


The pattern includes instructions for two styles of earrings based on the two units that get repeated through the necklace. Personally, I think I like the version with just pearls better than the one with the Silky beads, but both are in there so you can choose your favorite.


I included the colors of both the Elderberry/Gold necklace and the Black/Picasso necklace in the pattern itself, since folks tend to ask me for those. The colors I used for both earrings are in there too!


I really like the way the necklace looks as a shorter segment, but I did make a full length one so I could tell you how many beads you need to make a full 16 inch necklace. It was time-consuming, but it does look pretty!


I just made this short piece when I was teaching the class this morning, so these colors aren’t in the pattern. If you want them, the 11/0’s are Miyuki Dark Bronze (457), the 4mm are Swarovski Tahitian Pearl, the 6mm are Chalk Lazure Green Druks, the Silky Beads are Chalk Light Green Luster (03000-14457) and the daggers are an un-named reflective blue over bronze from my stash. I think my plan is too finish it off with a dainty bronze chain.


I named it after Princess Cordelia – the favorite alter ego of Anne of Green Gables. I love the book series and have been watching Anne with an E (it’s on Netflix and I highly recommend it!) lately, so the name popped into my head right away. <3

What do you think? I’m really enjoying playing with something a little more feminine and dainty than usual. I hope it paid off!

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7 Responses to New Design – Princess Cordelia Necklace and Earrings!

  1. Joanne Maurice says:

    Thank you so much i just purchased the pattern and so looking forward to making some new beautiful creations ❤️ Just love this!



  2. Hope Smitherman says:

    This is beautiful. I totally recognized the name Princess Cordelia but couldn’t remember from where. I watched Anne with an E a while ago and am desperately awaiting a new season (and read the book AGES ago). I’m so glad you’re enjoying the show. I had a friend who said she thought it was boring – I found it captivating. What a relief to hear I’m not the only one!


    • samwescott says:

      I have a few episodes left of season two that I have rationing out to myself so I don’t run out before the new season comes out. I can’t wait! It’s SO good! How could anyone think it was boring??? They took such a good book series and infused it with so much more life and detail and it keeps making me cry. <3


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