December Pattern Review – 2019

Hi, folks!

So, you may have noticed that my last pattern review was back in September. Where did October and November go, you may ask? Well, I wish I knew! The end of the year really got away from me. One of my goals for 2019 was to review and update each of my beadweaving patterns, but I have 37 patterns available right now and that was just too much to ask. I’m not giving up on it, though! I’m going carry right on into 2020 and continue reviewing my patterns.

But for now, here are the ones I have done since September!


The first one I wanted to revisit was my Daybreak Pattern! It’s actually one of my favorites, even though it’s not one of my best sellers. This one uses some pretty soft plums with light pink, bronze, and matte navy seed beads. The pearls are leftovers from my Cordelia Necklace pattern, so you may notice the similar color scheme, haha.


I also really like using single units from that bracelet pattern to make earrings, so the pair above were made in olive and light yellow to match these gorgeous ceramic leaves by Fire and Fibers. I’m so in love with her components. They are always consistently beautiful, lightweight, and glossy. I’m so lucky that she comes to bead shows in my city.


After that, I made these earrings using my Diadem Bracelet pattern with some of my favorite reflective dagger beads. I really love Silky beads, which is why so many of my patterns use them, so these are always fun to make.


Lastly, I worked up a new sample for my Sextet Bracelet pattern. This one is a chocolate/cherry/wine kind of color combo that I super love. It just looks and feels induglent, doesn’t it? My stash of 6mm Fire-Polished crystals seems eeeeendless, so I’m always happy to make more of these.

Stay tuned in the next day or two and I’ll do my big yearly round up of my New Years Resolutions from last year and my new ones for 2020.

Happy New Years, my lovelies!

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