Bead Packs with Claire – Tango Passion

Hello, my darlings!

So, I have teamed up with Claire Lee, who runs the SupplyEmporium, where she sells beads and all sorts of beady resources. Most recently, she decided to offer a bead pack for my Backsplash Bracelet pattern.

Bead Pack for "Tango Passion" Bracelet From Samantha Wescott - Tutorial Available Separately - Colorway by Claire

Click photo for link!

It’s not a kit, exactly, because Claire is not selling my pattern. All patterns still need to be purchased at my etsy shop. But! Claire has already arranged and package enough beads to make a 7 1/2 inch bracelet AND earrings in her lovely purple colorway.

I think her colors are super cute and am looking forward to future collaborations and colorway adventures with Claire!

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1 Response to Bead Packs with Claire – Tango Passion

  1. Shirley Boone says:

    Received my bead kit yesterday. Very pretty colors. Because we do not have a bead store close by and have to order everything by mail it was nice to have all the supplies in one bag. Love the bracelet.


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