Union Beads!

Hello, my darlings!

So, who else is over the moon with joy about Union beads? I swear, I have about lost my mind with excitement. You guys may remember my blog post I am a Miyuki Snob that a wrote last year about my love of Miyuki brand seed beads? Well, that has definitely not changed. I still exclusively use Miyuki seed beads because of their uniformity within a tube of seed beads and because of their consistent sizing across all their bead finishes.

The only downfall for me has been that the Czech companies have so many pretty colors and finishes that they make all those wonderful two-hole beads in and there aren’t always great Miyuki seed bead options to match.

Well, prepare for a grand surprise, because in turns out that Japanese and Czech bead manufacturers make GREAT bedfellows and now we have Union Bead Blends!

Basically, what this means is that Miyuki is making their wonderful seed beads and then sending them to the Czech Republic to have matching finishes put on them so that the seed beads MATCH the two-hole and specialty beads that we all love!

For example, we now have Crystal Capri Gold 11/0’s to match all the O-beads, SuperDuos, Silky beads, MiniDuos etc that have already been made in that color!

Union Seed Beads 24GM Size 11/0 Blends Crystal Capri Gold - Click Image to CloseCzech Glass Mushroom Beads 9x8mm (30) Crystal Gold Capri - Click Image to CloseCzech Glass 2-hole Silky Beads 6mm (40) Crystal Capri Gold - Click Image to CloseCzech MiniDuo Two-hole Beads 4x2mm Crystal Capri Gold 8g - Click Image to Close

I know a few of my beader friends in particular who are going to be thrilled to see Chalk Lava Red available as a Miyuki seed bead!

Union Seed Beads 24GM Size 11/0 Blends Lava Red - Click Image to Close Kheops Puca Beads 2-hole 6mm - Red Metallic Mat - Click Image to Close

Czech SuperDuo Two-hole Beads 5.5x2.5mm Chalk Lava Red 22g - Click Image to Close Czech O-Beads 3.8 mm x 1 mm Lava Red 8.1g - Click Image to Close

My FAVORITE Union bead blend so far, though, has GOT to be the Full Labrador 11/0‘s. I have wanted to be able to match that true bright silver of the Czech beads for awhile now and nothing has quite fit. Miyuki’s galvanized beads were just too yellow and even their Durocoat line didn’t have a bright enough silver in it. Now my problem is solved!

Union Seed Beads 24GM Size 11/0 Blends Crystal Labrador Full - Click Image to Close Czech Glass 2-hole Silky Beads 6mm (40) Full Labrador (silver) - Click Image to Close

Czech O-Beads 3.8 mm x 1 mm Crystal Labrador Full 8.1g - Click Image to Close    Czech Glass Honeycomb Beads 2-Hole 6mm 30 Pcs Full Labrador - Click Image to Close Czech Dragon Scale Beads 1.5x5mm 9.5g - Crystal Full Labrador - Click Image to Close  Czech SuperDuo Two-hole Beads 5.5x2.5mm Full Labrador 24g - Click Image to Close

I mean, look how gorgeous this silver looks in a finished piece. I used them in my most recent Backsplash Bracelet.


*dramatically wipes away a tear* I’m so happy. Spring16 copy

All the links I provided go to Beads Direct USA, because A) that’s where I work and B) not many other retailers seem to have Union Beads yet. Even we only have limited quantities. But I am so excited for these new beads and can’t wait until more finishes are available.

What about you guys? Have any thoughts about this astonishing collaboration between Japanese excellence and Czech beauty?

PS: My big spring sale ends on June 1st! If you’re interested on discounted patterns and finished jewelry, check out my Etsy shop!


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2 Responses to Union Beads!

  1. Heraldene Clarke says:

    That is wonderful news. I love the Czech two hole beads but it is hard to match the seed beads with them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Diana Aungst says:

    Hi – I just found out about these beads and I’m very excited as I love the full Labrador super duo and have been having a hard time finding a 11/0 or and 8/0 that matched the beautiful silver color. Thanks for this post as it seems very few people know about these beads. :)


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