Starfish Color Palette Challenge!

I LOVE reading beading blogs and Sherri Stokey’s blog, KnotJustMacrame is one of my favorites. She’s also writing for LoveMyArtJewelry and has issued the readers a challenge!

The challenge is to find inspiration from this color palette and go nuts!

Now, I am usually more into earth tones and metallic colors, but this turquoise and sand combo really spoke to me. I started by working up an Oculus pendant with these glass cabs. My Oculus design uses two cabs glued back-to-back, so this pendant is reversible with browns on one side and ocean blue on the other.

After that, I went crazy with as many coordinating crystals, glass beads, and metal bits that I could find in my stash. The result is a super long, reversible necklace that is a tidal wave of sparkly ocean treasure!

After that I thought I was done, but my muse was apparently still feeling the sun and surf. I swung over to the seafoam and cream section of the palette and made this Demoiselle bracelet.

DSC01607  DSC01614

And then I dove into the sand with this Diadem bracelet. It’s almost entirely neutrals in cream and bronze, but I added little pops of Pacific Opal Swarovski crystals to add some life and sparkle.

As you can see, I REALLY enjoyed participating in this challenge and experimenting with this color palette. It’s a great group of colors and I felt inspired to try something new, without feeling like I’d abandoned my personal style. Thanks for a great challenge, Sherri!


06/17/16 Edit : Sherri has revealed all the submissions for the challenge over at Love My Art Jewelry. Go see what everyone else made!

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12 Responses to Starfish Color Palette Challenge!

  1. ebeguild says:

    I love the color combo of sand and light turquoise. I just might have to try it out. I usually use darker shades, turquoise and brown. The lighter colors make it so much softer. Nice job! Carolyn Turner – EBEG


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Carolyn! I’m also usually into more intense colors. Lots of dark metallics and earthy colors. But this sand and surf palette was SO much fun! I definitely recommend giving it a try.


  2. Gorgeous pieces as always. Absolutely loving the reversible pendant I love seeing your work and one of my favorite patterns for silky beads is “diadem”…Just placed and order for more silky beads of various colors so I see more ‘Diadem’ bracelets in my near future. Happy Beading.


  3. OMG! That necklace is to die for! I love that it’s reversible and all the little bits and pieces you chose for the strap are just perfect. The bracelets are just icing on the cake! I’m so glad you decided to play along!


  4. Wendi Reamy says:

    These pieces are so beautiful! I particularly love the necklace. I’m all about versatility in my own work, so I love your technique for creating reversible pendants!

    Wasn’t this design challenge a blast? And all of the submissions are so uniquely beautiful.


  5. Jess says:

    Wow you’ve been super productive!

    Love all the pieces you made but i especially love the diadem bracelet – it looks so wonderfully tactile :)


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