New Design – The Godet Necklace and Earrings

Hello, my dears! Sorry to disappear for half a month – May is a crazy time for my family. We’ve got about a bajillion birthdays and then there’s Mother’s Day and graduations and it is just a mess. But never fear! I promise I’ll still get in two posts per month!

To reward your long wait, I present to you a new design! The Godet Necklace and Earrings design!


My latest design is *gasp* a necklace instead of a bracelet. Can you believe it? And you know what’s weirder? It’s a necklace design that actually started with earrings.


These little earrings just sort of happened on my bead mat when I was playing about with some two-hole daggers and realized how nicely the Crescent beads snugged up on the sides. After a little tweaking, I realized that I had a pretty snazzy necklace design!


After that, I definitely needed to play with colors! I love the soft pink and golds of the prototype piece, but my experiments with bold turquoise and red have been really fun to.

The red and turquoise necklace is beaded all the way around the neck, but the pale version uses chain to complete the circle. In the class I taught at the end of April, a trendsetting teenager made a small beaded segment (only three or four inches long) and then used a long rope of chain to make a mid-bust length necklace. I want to try a version like that, since hers looked SO cool. I’ll share pictures when I finish!

Godet Skirt (pic from Wikipedia)

I love the variety of colors and finishes available on one- and two-holed daggers. Working the Crescent beads was fun too, since I hadn’t had the chance to experiment with them yet.

One more two-hole bead conquered! Haha.

Oh! And since everyone always asks about the pattern names, this necklace was named for a particular type of skirt that uses triangular inserts to make a skirt flouncy voluminous. Since the daggers reminded me of those triangular panels, I though it was a good fit.


I am very happy with this design so far and look forward to trying out new color patterns! Until next time, my dears!


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