My Love Affair with Coral

Do you guys ever go through whirlwind romances with a certain color?

I definitely have my usual go-to colors that I use all the time. I love earth tones and metallics and have a special place in my heart for Chalk Lazure Blue.

But, two summers ago I went through this weird obsession with pale, peachy coral that lasted several weeks and this past month I’ve been experiencing a similar romance with a darker version of that same color.Kumi 5

Two summers ago, I was playing around with kumihimo braiding with beads and discovered that, while pink is not normally my go to color, a light rosy peach was really fun to work with!



Then, I decided to go full out and do a Peony Necklace in that same light coral. It was WAY out of my comfort zone, but I still love how it turned out.

After that, I was figuring out how to make my Oculus Pendant design and discovered just how much I liked light coral and spring green together. I paired these two bright spring tones with bronze and went crazy with it. All these photos are of the same necklace, by the way. The pendant is reversible!

After that, I wanted to make some matching earrings and ended up with these pretty things. I’m telling you, that color palette was all I could work with for weeks.

DSC00175    DSC00170

So, that was about two summers ago. This spring, I have been stuck in a similar obsessive cycle. This time, instead of spring green, peachy coral, and bronze, I have been swimming in a darker coral, cream, and bright gold.

It started when I made Lisa Kan’s Catherine bracelet from her Bead Metamorphosis book.

DSC01338   DSC01380

(You may recognize the dark coral as “fiesta” from this year’s Pantone Spring Report. See? I can be trendy!)

I continued this theme most recently in a version of my Demoiselle pattern, although the coral is a little lighter here.

DSC01422      DSC01425

Most recently, though, I used the dark coral, cream, and gold scheme for a version of my newest pattern, the Backsplash bracelet. I absolutely love how this bracelet turned out.

DSC01472     DSC01479

It’s probably my favorite incarnation of my coral obsession yet.

So, how about you? Do you have any on-again-off-again relationships with a certain color? Or am I just weird?



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1 Response to My Love Affair with Coral

  1. Cyndi Chapman says:

    love the pale peachy necklace, I was wondering if there is a pattern of colors


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