New-ish Pattern – Dragon Blossom Bracelet!

So… This is a bit late. I actually first made this pattern public in November, but I didn’t want the post to conflict with my big Time to Stitch Reveal and my Black Friday sale post. So, I decided to save the new design for December… and then didn’t post it. Oops.

So, here it is, friends! My Dragon Blossom Bracelet!


The most popular scheme was definitely the Christmas-y Poinsettia color scheme, but it’s a versatile enough pattern to go super casual or pretty and floral.

DSC01237 DSC01239 DSC01241 DSC01242 DSC01273 DSC01272

Besides bracelets, there are a few ways to do earrings.

DSC01220 DSC01267

Most fun for me, was the discovery that I can make rings with this pattern as well! I’ve never designed a ring, so this was really exciting!


This pattern uses two specialty beads – Dragon Scales and Half Tilas. I haven’t designed with either of them before, but I really enjoyed working with them. The Dragon Scales are really gentle and dainty and the Half-Tila’s are much more sharp and precise than the Czechmate Bricks I have worked with in the past.

Czech Dragon Scale Beads 1.5x5mm 9.5g - Crystal Volcano - Click Image to Close  

I really enjoyed making this pattern and am looking forward to doing more with them. Now, I just really wish they would make the Dragon Scale beads in their White Luster finish. I want to make a water lily bracelet.



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6 Responses to New-ish Pattern – Dragon Blossom Bracelet!

  1. Wendy says:

    Beautiful bracelets, such a lovely pattern and a clever way to use dragon scales


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  3. Shelley says:

    These are beautiful! Where is the pattern for these.


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