New Years Resolutions

Hello, everyone!

I know it’s over a week into the new year, but this is my first day off, so I decided to write about my New Years Resolutions for this year!

1. Read 125 Books in 2016. 

This is only tangentially related to beading, since I listen to LOTS of audio books while beading and while working at Beads Direct USA. I’ve been setting myself reading goals for the last few years and have managed t surpass them every time, so the goal is going up again this year. I have  added a little Goodreads widget to the right side of my blog, so feel free to click through that if you wanna see what I’ve been reading or want to “friend” me on Goodreads. I try to review everything I read, so I am pretty active on there and love getting new book friends.

Click me to see Sam’s Goodreads Profile!

2. Complete the Year of Jewelry Project on Facebook

Last year was my first attempt at participating in the Year of Jewelry Project on Facebook. We were given different themes for every week and then expected to load pictures of a piece of jewelry we had made. I did manage to get a picture up for every week of 2015, but some of them were late and a lot of them didn’t really fit the theme.

This year, all of our themes are going to be colors, which I think will be easier for me. It’s really nice to have the added motivation to finish and photograph a piece each week, so I am looking forward to that! Registration is still open for a few more days, if you want to join me!

Click me to go to the YOJP page to sign up!


3. Blog at least Twice a Month

So… You guys may have notice that I am not the most reliable blogger on the internet. I went from posting, like, four or five times on January of last year, to not posting at all in December. It’s not that I don’t have plenty of wonderful beady news to share with you guys, I just never seem to sit down and actually write the posts, which is silly, since my posts are usually under 500 words. I used to be able to do that in half an hour when I was in school.

So, this year I promise to update this blog at least twice a month. If that works out, maybe I will increase the frequency for 2017! ( If you guys still find me at all interesting by then, of course. ;) )

4. Finish this Purse

You guys may remember that I made this purse for the Time to Stitch 8 Blog Hop back in November.


The structure of the thing is done, but I still need to add straps and figure out my embellishments and if I was some sort of top closure flap thing. I set it down after the blog hop reveal and never picked it back up, so I promise to finish that this year.

5. Try More New Beads!

Last, but not least, I want to continue trying out new bead shapes! I recently got a whole bunch of weird shapes from Potomac Bead Company that I want to play with and more ridiculous and new beads seem to come out every day. Stay tuned to watch me by flummoxed by them .

So, what about you guys? Have any beady resolutions for 2016? Any non-beady resolutions? Hate the idea of resolutions in general? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you guys.

And of course, Happy New Year!


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6 Responses to New Years Resolutions

  1. J ferritto says:

    Enjoyed your blog and beadwork


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