Sam Goes to Class

So, I have teaching jewelry classes frequently for at least three years now. When I worked in a bead shop, we would have at least two a month ranging on everything from basic earrings to bead weaving and kumihimo.  Now that we’re online and I don’t interact with customers directly, I teach my original designs at local bead stores as a guest instructor about once a month. I love teaching and like to think I’m not an awful instructor.

All that being said, I had never actually taken a beading class until a month ago.

Beaded Bliss is one of my favorite bead stores in the world. I hang out there for bead night once a week and teach there as often as I can. When I was visiting a while back, Cathy (the store owner) showed me a design she had recently come up with for the two-hole triangle beads.


It’s sort of modified flat spiral for two-hole triangles.

I loved the look of it and the class actually fit my schedule, so I signed up immediately! I picked out my beads…

I went with a safe olive/gray color scheme to start with.

I went with a safe olive/gray color scheme to start with.

And I made my first Dragon’s Back Bracelet! The second one was made quickly afterward to solidify the pattern in my head. I hope to make another one soon.

DSC00194 DSC00201 DSC00295 DSC00287

Taking a class from another designer was really, really fun and I hope to be able to do it again int he near future. Thanks for the experience, Cathy!


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3 Responses to Sam Goes to Class

  1. Cathy Feist says:

    Wow, what a surprise dear Sam! So honored you would feature my design on your blog! The Cincinnati beading community is alive and well thanks to fresh, innovative minds like your own; so glad Terry Stegeman brought you to Beaded Bliss! Thanks & hugs!


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