New Design : The Diadem Bracelet with Silky Beads

Since I first started using SuperDuos and came up with my SuperDuo Rosette Bracelet, I decided to try to design with new bead shapes as often as possible. This round I made a bracelet using the new Silky Beads – the Diadem Bracelet!

Silky Beads are similar to Czechmate Tile Beads and Miyuki Tilas, but the two holes run through diagonally, making the bead diamond-shaped, rather than square. If your local bead shop doesn’t carry them yet, I recommend AriaDesignStudio and GCSuppliesTexas on Etsy.

ALABASTER LAZURE BLUE: 6x6mm Two-Hole Diamond Czech Glass Silky Beads (50 beads)







My Diadem Bracelet uses Silky Beads, SuperDuos, 3mm Bicones, and 11/0 Seed Beads. The pattern includes instructions with little connecting circles (left) and without (right).

DSC00266 DSC00273

It looks great in pale monochromatic tones, or in brighter colors…

DSC00278 DSC00309

You can leave out the center criss-cross, or replace the 3mm bicones with little drops…

DSC00335 DSC00344

And the units make great earrings!

DSC00328 DSC00259

All in all, I am really excited about this pattern – especially since my local bead store recently started carrying a wider selection of colors. There are so many fun color combinations to play with!

What about you guys? Doing anything fun with Silky Beads?

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