New Design – The Sextet Bracelet!

New pattern time, my loves!


Click photo for pattern link!


This month, I’ve been working on this new pattern that mainly focuses on showing off 6mm Fire-Polished Crystals because I love them and haven’t seen a lot of patterns that give them center stage.


You can use DiamonDuos or GemDuos pretty interchangeably, though I would recommend Miyuki brand seed beads for the main color, at least. If you wanna use Toho beads for the accent 11/0’s, you should be fine.

I called it the Sextet bracelet because it’s built around 6mm Fire-Polished crystals and 6mm Bugle beads to make six-sided units, haha. I kinda think it looks a little bit like a row of windows or stained glass, depending on your colors.


It was nice to work with some bigger beads to make a design a little more on the simple side. It DEFINITELY works up faster than my last pattern, haha!

What do you think? Got a stash of 6mm Fire-Polish that you’re ready to bust through? :)



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