May Pattern Review 2019

Hey, everybody! I have been a busy bee this month and you guys should be getting a new pattern next weekend. But in the meantime, I’ve checked in on three more of my old patterns and did some major updates on one!

So, I REALLY wanted to make a bunch more of my Bejeweled Collar Bracelet because I desperately needed better photos for the pattern and the Etsy listing. What do you think?


Three of the five are new. The mustard yellow and stone/bronze one are a little older, but the crystal, turquoise, and melon bead one are new.


Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the melon beads on the end, but the Swarovski crystals are just too sparkly to ignore. I’m really happy with how the photos turned out and I’ve updated to pattern with new thumbnails and a better description. It’s a pretty basic tennis bracelet design, but if you need to brush up your RAW, it’s a quick way to refresh your memory!

After that, I wanted to check out my Godet necklace and make sure it’s diagrams still looked good. I like the original photos I had on that one, but drawing the Crescents and the Dagger beads was tricky!


This is kind of a weird color combination for me – matte gold, dark silver/chrome, and a dark saturated blue. I like how it turned out though! And check out this cool chain I re-purposed!


After that, I went ahead and made a Toying with Tiles bracelet. I just redid this pattern in the last year or so, so I knew it didn’t need any updates. But! My local bead shop just started carrying these super cool tile beads and I desperately needed to make something with them.

I mean, look at them! They’re so cool!


It’s been a busy month! Like, I mentioned, there’ll be a new pattern next weekend AND I’m working on a fun secret project you’ll hear about later. In the meantime, happy beading!


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2 Responses to May Pattern Review 2019

  1. Peggy Matteliano says:

    Hi! I love the bracelet, especially with the square snail beads. Are they Czech? I think this might be a good one to make for my boyfriend, if a choose the right beads. Do you have any other patterns that you would recommend for guys? I love your work! I have made your superduo rosette bracelet and love it. I also made a ring from the pattern, it’s cute and comfortable. Picture attached. Keep it up! You are a very talented person! Peace and love, Peggy


    • samwescott says:

      I don’t have any real information on them, but they seem like Czech glass? I’m not sure. And jewelry has no gender – anyone can wear whatever they like! <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed the rosette bracelet. I don't see the ring picture you said was attached, but I'd super love to see a photo!!! :D


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