Free Tutorial – Jumbo Filled Netting with 6x8mm Rondelle Beads

Recently I realized that I have an embarrassingly large stash of 6x8mm faceted rondelle beads. Since I can only make so many Double Split Ring Bracelets, I really wanted to try to find another way to use them. I couldn’t find many tutorials or ideas online, but then I had a thought.

I used to use 3x4mm rondelles in “Diamond Net Weave” (filled tubular netting) all the time. Especially doing a partial segment and then putting it on a memory wire bracelet.

So… These rondelles are double the size, I thought… But the basic technique should still work, yeah? And ooh, boy. It did work, but it was CHUNKY.


Look at those big boys! First, I used my turquoise 6x8mm Rondelles with matte gold 11/0’s and Chalk Lazure Blue 8/0’s to make a long tube. Then I fed 16 gauge wire through the beaded tube, made some (very messy) wrapped loops, and then softly mushed it into a curve. Then I attached ribbon to finish the necklace.


Sorry for the weird lighting. Taking photos in direct sunlight wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

After than, I used these mottled olive stone rondelles with matte pewter 11/0’s and limestone 8/0’s. Then I used the same 16 gauge wire and made a curved beaded bead, essentially. This one got long aluminum chain for a long necklace that isn’t too heavy.



It was really fun and I wanted to share my method with you guys! It’s just filled tubular netting, so you might be able to figure it out just by looking at the photo, but here’s the basics if you need them!

First, string one 11/0, one 8/0, one 11/0, and a 6x8mm faceted rondelle. Repeat this three times and then tie the beads in a circle. Reinforce it a few times until it feels secure.


After that, make sure you’re exiting one of the 8/0’s. Then pick up four 11/0’s, one 8/0, and four 11/0’s. The skip over and go through the next 8/0. Repeat this three times so you have a curve of seed beads over each rondelle.


To step up, go through the next set of four 11/0’s and the 8/0 at the top. From there, pick up one 11/0, one 6x8mm rondelle, and one 11/0 and then go through the 8/0 at the center of the next curve. So this three times until you have completed the circle and then reinforce several times until it feels secure.


Cool beans! From there, just repeat the second and third step until you get the length you want. I don’t think this size of beading will curve into a usable bracelet, but it would work as a necklace or a necklace segment like I made with the wire. Or you could make shorter pieces and use them as beaded beads!



I’ve been having a lot of fun with these beaded tubes and working through my stash of 6x8mm Rondelle beads. But I still have so many! Do you guys know of any beadweaving patterns that use them? I have a serious itch to whittle down this stash.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you try out this super-sized filled tubular netting tutorial!


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2 Responses to Free Tutorial – Jumbo Filled Netting with 6x8mm Rondelle Beads

  1. Elizabeth Browning Fox says:

    Ooh, lovely! I don’t seem to have enough time to develop all the ideas out there, but if I had a big stash of large rondelles, I might use them to alternate with some interesting beaded beads in a wire-strung necklace. Alternately, use them in a RAW base for a bezel pendant to frame a rivoli or a cabochon. You now have me thinking about my own (smaller) stash of large rondelles. Have fun!

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