Update on Buta Bracelet Pattern!

Hey, guys!

Yes, I did just post yesterday. And in it I mentioned in passing that I should try the Buta Bracelet pattern with PaisleyDuo beads instead of ZoliDuo beads, to see if it still worked.

And I did take the time to try it last night!


Turns out – it does work! You just need to replace the 4mm Fire-Polish beads with 4mm Round beads (true rounds – like a pearl or druk).


The pattern has been updated with that tiny tid-bit of information and now you guys have it in case you already have the pattern. Feel free to substitute to your hearts content!

Oh, and as a little apology for cluttering up your inbox two days in a row, here are some pictures of my cat interrupting my photo shoot last weekend.


Little tiny Bridget foot! She’s a sneaky intruder.


Anyway, thanks for popping by again!


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6 Responses to Update on Buta Bracelet Pattern!

  1. Carrie says:

    Another beautiful masterpiece! Love your work, Sami!


  2. Andrea Hart says:

    Thank you for the valuable information. I did, of course, appreciate the “cat intrusion” pictures the most, though!!


  3. purrscilla says:

    Do you keep the pendant beads at 6mm or go to 8mm?


    • samwescott says:

      The only changes from the original pattern are that I swapped the 4mm Fire-Polished with 4mm Rounds because I swapped the ZoliDuos with PaisleyDuos. :)


      • purrscilla says:

        Thanks! I’ve had your pattern for a while and finally relocated my pendant beads that I needed to make it. LOL! This update gives me more options.

        (My kitty Artemis tries to steal all my jewelry. She is not even circumspect about it.)


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