Autumnal Bead Soup!

Hi, everybody!

In my last post, I revealed my SuperDuo Rosette Bracelet update. Since I’ll be teaching it at my LBS next month (Beaded Bliss on October 13th, if you’re in the Cincinnati area!), I wanted to make a new bracelet to leave as a sample.

So, I made a big mix of autumnal colors (I think there’s at least 12 different colors in this mix – it’s absurd) and made this bracelet.

Fun, huh? I really liked the color mix – which is good, because I had SO much left, you guys. Like, more than 20 grams. So, I started stitching up a peyote band. I figured that would use up most of the pile and I ended up with this simple beauty.

The plain peyote really let the color mix shine! BUT I still had so many beads left. I decided this time to do my SuperDuo Fishtail bracelet which is basically a single column of never-ending herringbone. I thought I could probably get a double or triple wrap bracelet out of the pile I had left.


It was so long that I had to make it into a necklace, haha. When I make bead mixes, I make TOO MUCH. Everytime.

The gorgeous glass circle is by Thornburg Bead Studios and the leaf dangle is by Leslie Watt. I was so lucky to have them waiting in my stash to match my necklace chain.


So, what do you guys think? Have you ever gotten stuck with an accidental overly-ambitious bead soup? Do you have go-to patterns for eating up excess beads? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses to Autumnal Bead Soup!

  1. Barbara Clark says:

    Absolutely love these. Love the colors. You should make up some of these bead soup ideas and sell the beads on your website. I would buy them. Also the patterns.


    • samwescott says:

      Aww… Thanks, Barbara! Right now, I have no interest in selling beads through my site (and since I work at an online bead shop, that could get tricky in trying not to compete with myself. you know?). But anyone can make a good bead soup! It just takes a good stash and a little imagination! :D


  2. christina Paul says:

    Great idea. I love super duos and have what seems like thousands. Never thought of mixing them as I’m a bit O C D about things matching. Shall try and overcome my nature and have a go.Thanks.


  3. Hope Smitherman says:

    That mix is gorgeous as is all the jewelry you made with it. But, there’s something mesmerizing about the texture of that necklace. So yummy!!


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