Toying with Tiles 2.0 – An Old Pattern Revisted

Hi, everybody! So, I’ve been writing patterns for about three or four years now and lately, I have been wanting to revisit an old one.

Anybody familiar with my Toying with Tiles pattern?

TilesCover copy

It’s an oldy, but a goody and one of my best selling patterns. But… the pattern isn’t the best illustrating work I’ve ever done, because I was still teaching myself how to make the diagrams and how to best describe beading steps.

Also, my photography skills have drastically improved. Check out my snazzy new cover photo!



Click through photo for the pattern link!


Also, I had a pretty common problem spot in my old pattern where, unless you had absolutely perfect tension and used the exact perfect beads (in the right brand and finish), the edging of 15/0’s along the side would kind of flap up over the SuperDuos. This updated pattern includes a tweak to keep that from happening, thanks to some inspiration from Laurie Brennan. When Linda Genaw of CraftyInspirationsbyLinda also started using this tweak, I decided to go ahead and write the tweak into the pattern and re-release it.


So, why did it take you so many years to re-release the pattern, Saaaaaaam??? You may ask me in a kind, but vaguely accusing voice. Well, to put it simply, I wasn’t sure how to do it. Do I release the tweak separately and hope people find it after they buy the old pattern? Do I rewrite the pattern and hope the people who already paid for it don’t get mad? Do I stress myself out over what to do and then not do anything about it for three years?

Well, I did the third one. What I have decided to do now is this. The pattern listing on Etsy, when purchased, will now include two patterns – the old one and the new one with the tweak. If you have already purchased the old pattern on Etsy and want the tweak without having to pay for the pattern twice, email me or send me a Convo through Etsy with the Order Number of our original purchase so that I can verify that you already bought the pattern. You can find your order number by going through your purchase history on Etsy. It’s a bit of a clunky system, but I think it’s the best way of making it fair.


Hopefully, you guys don’t mind too much that I’m trotting out some old-school Wescott Jewelry design, but I really like this bracelet and I think it deserves a better pattern than the first one I made. I’m getting better at writing patterns and I want all the designs in my shop to be consistent quality. In fact! I have another re-do in mind for next month! Any guesses on what pattern I want to update???


In the meantime, here’s the color info for the beads I used in the three bracelets above.

Far Left. 
Tiles – Luster Opaque Green (P65431)
SuperDuo- Chalk Lazure Blue (503000-65431)
11/0’s- Unmarked Tube, Looks like pale yellow lined crystal, maybe?
15/0’s- Miyuki Matte Steel (190F)

Tiles – Polychrome Indigo Orchid (94105)
SuperDuo- Nebula Chalk Matte (503000-85001)
11/0’s- Unmarked Tube (but I would recommend Matte Black AB [401FR])
15/0’s- Miyuki Steel (190)

Far Right. 
Tiles – This was a mix I got from my local bead shop. I’m still trying to find them online and I’ll update this if I can find them.
SuperDuo- Matte Jet Bronze (523980-84415)
11/0’s- Miyuki Special Dyed Old Rose (2046)
15/0’s-Miyuki Matte Light Olive (2033)

Well, that about sums it up! Let me know if you guys have any questions. I’m really happy to revive this old classic of mine. Let me know what you think! :)

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6 Responses to Toying with Tiles 2.0 – An Old Pattern Revisted

  1. Stacie Hecht says:

    Hi Sam

    Can I get the tweak on the pattern? I had the flopping problem and never figured out how to solve it. Thanks!

    Stacie Hecht



    • samwescott says:

      Sure thing, Stacie! I should have mentioned that folks who took the class with me in person can also just email for the pattern. I’ll email it to you right away! :)


  2. Linda says:

    Hi Sam. I’m going to guess that your next updated pattern will be “SuperDuo Rosette” and you’re going to do something similar to it to keep the netting in place.


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