Babysitting Beaded Bliss!

So, at the beginning of the month, my dear friend Cathy (who owns Beaded Bliss) asked me if I could run her shop for a day so she could take the weekend off to celebrate her wedding anniversary. I gave a whoop and a resounding yes, and then promptly panicked.


So much responsibility, you guys. 

Those of you who have read my About Me page might already know that I used to work for a bead shop before Beads Direct went online. I was a shop girl for about three years and loved working the counter and getting to know all the customers. I worked there all through college and did everything from running the register, to stocking, to teaching bead weaving classes and designing displays.

But… that was three years ago! I have since completely become an efficient, but very independent office working. I run an entire stock room as if it were an unruly empire and can ship packages like the wind, but I haven’t had to handle basic customer service for what feels like eons.


Plus, we used a laptop for checkout. This monstrosity of a cash register was terrifying.  TERRIFYING.

But, I missed doing the retail thing a bit. I ADORE my job, but sometimes, I miss hanging out with beaders and helping people with beady problems in person, instead of occasionally over the phone. So, having a chance to very rarely sub at my local bead store was perfect!

So, the Saturday rolled around and I grabbed my comfiest shoes and went to work!


Pro-tip: Wear comfy shoes! Always!

I got in super early and ate breakfast in the darkened shop. Then, 10am rolled around and I unlocked the door and switched the sign to “OPEN”.

And promptly ruined everything.


Notice a few letters missing?

Apparently, there are two levers (one on each side) to change the sign. I only thought there was one, so when I struggled to change the sign, it slammed into place and a bunch of letters fell off. I could not get them back on the sign. I had broken the store.

But, despite this dramatic beginning, everything actually went really well! There weren’t many customers before lunch, but after that a bunch of regulars came in and we all hung out. I even used the register correctly.

Plus, I looked really cute.


Yeah… I don’t have a smart phone, so my selfies all still have a camera in them. 

It was a really good time and I am happy to have the occasional opportunity to sub at my local bead shop. But, goodness, give your local shop owner some love because it is a grueling way to spend the day! I’ll take my comfy office job any day!

Much love to all the brick-and-mortar bead shops and the people who run them! You guys are such a valuable part of the beading community and your jobs are hard. Thanks for keeping your doors open, your shelves stocked, and your beaders enabled. We love you!

And thanks to you specifically, Cathy, for letting me pretend to be you for a day!

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2 Responses to Babysitting Beaded Bliss!

  1. Cathy Feist says:

    Oh Sam, What a lovely post! You didn’t break the shop and yes, you always look really cute! You’re right running a brick and mortar bead shop is hard work but I have wonderful customers and enjoy helping them bring their visions to life. Plus I get to play with the never ending stream of new bead shapes and styles that come into the shop. I hope you enjoyed the day and knew I was leaving my baby in most capable hands; thanks so much!


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