New Design – Tetrabella Bracelet with Candy Beads or Tipp beads!

Hello, everyone!

I have a new pattern for you. Allow me to introduce my Tetrabella bracelet! You can use either Candy Beads (the rose and chocolate version) or Tipp Beads (gold and cobalt). I call it Tetrabella because “Tetra-” is a Greek prefix for four (for the four-sided units) and “bella”, of course, means pretty. And I am more than vain enough to name a design of mine with pretty in the name!


You’ll notice that the way the beads sit varies a little bit between the two. The Candy Beads tend to sit on top of the seed beads, where the Tipp beads tend to sink under the seed beads a bit. I think it’s because of the hole placement and how steeply the sides of the beads are beveled.


This is definitely not a pattern for people who dislike making picots and doing intricate unit work, which is why I only have two samples this time, haha. It is a rather time-consuming piece. But I did discover that a single unit makes a good pendant connector! Isn’t that piece of black labradorite to die for?


I’ve been particularly in love with this bracelet. This autumn, mustard/gold and cobalt has been my favorite color combination. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been loving the warmth and brightness of this color palette.


Usually, I try to design simple, quick things around this time of year because I know everyone is trying to whip up Christmas presents and stock up for holiday sales, but sometimes a design just demands to be made. (Besides, I just did my Compass Star pendant, which is super quick to make!)

Click me for the Pattern link!

So, I’m pretty happy with this pattern! What do you guys think? Do you like the Tipp Beads or the Candy Beads better?




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