Bead Soup!

I know I have been flooding you guys with new patterns lately. I do, in fact, have another one coming up soon, but it isn’t quite ready yet. In the meantime, I thought I’d whip up a little post about a stash-busting tool I love – making BEAD SOUP!


So, about a year ago, I spring-cleaned my bead stash and found at least twenty tubes of seed beads that were almost empty. I decided to mix them all together in a few color groups to make bead soup. I left them separated by size, though, so I could still use them in my usual bead weaving patterns. My twenty-something almost-empty tubes became three tubes of mixed colors!

I made a mix of golds and whites and made this.

I made a peach mix and made this –


And then I made a blue mix that I absolutely loved and made a whole bunch of things.

P1060273 P1060073

So, there’s not much point to this post, besides sharing some pictures. But making bead soup can be a really great way to clean out your seed bead stash and can really jazz up your favorite old patterns with a fresh, multi-colored look.

So, dig through your stash and combine your almost-empty tubes. Maybe the new colors will inspire you!


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1 Response to Bead Soup!

  1. LoriF says:

    Great idea! Betcha I have 40 or so, and I like the plan of keeping them in their size range rather than mixing them completely.


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