New Design – Barcelona Bracelet

Hello, friends!

Aside from my Two Years Cuff, most of my bracelet designs are pretty slim. I like making narrow designs because I think they are easier to wear and stack (and, let’s be real, they are so much quicker to make). But this time I went all out on a big, brash cuff.

Remember two posts back when I teased this materials photo as a hint for my newest project?

Originally, I picked out this selection of beads for a blog hop challenge hosted by Art Jewelry Elements. Eventually, I did something entirely different for that project, but I loved this color combination, so I set it aside for later. Trying to make a bracelet with those lovely Jasper beads and the halo finish Czech fire-polished crystals eventually led me to make this enormous cuff.


It is much bigger than what I usually design (the Jasper beads are 8mm, so the cuff is a touch over an inch wide), but I really like the look of it. Here’s a few more color combinations I’ve done.

DSC01007 DSC00971

If it is too big for your taste, never fear! You can downsize the bracelet by use one size smaller of each of the materials, without having to change any of the instructions at all. I include all of that information in my pattern, which I sell in the Patterns / Tutorials section of my etsy shop.

BarcelonaCover copy

Click me to link to the pattern!

Oh, and were you wondering about the name? I just happened across this gorgeous photo put out by AirPano. They took it from a helicopter and it just stole my breath away.


Photo Credit : AirPano

Those rounded squares reminded me just enough of my bracelet that I named it after the gorgeous city in the photograph: Barcelona.

I don’t have another design in my mind yet, but I have lots of pretty beads in new shapes and colors to glean inspiration from, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that something new will come to me soon.  Wish me luck and Happy Beading!

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