Charity Flash Sale for Point of Pride!

Hello, everybody!

Today is the last day of my weekend long flash sale raising money for Point of Pride, an incredible organization that provides direct aide to trans and non-binary folks trying to access gender-affirming care. In honor of the Trans Day of Visibility on Friday, I have put everything in my shop on an automatic 25% off and every penny that I make is getting donated.

Click the photo to shop the sale!

Or, if you’d rather your donation not get filtered through Etsy, feel free to donate to Point of Pride directly and then send me a screenshot of your donation receipt and I will gift you that amount’s worth of beadweaving patterns from my shop. I have like 40 to choose from now!

I love the trans and non-binary folks in my life and want them and people like them to have all the support they need. Increased visibility has come with a lot of violence and fear-mongering, so I feel drawn to help in direct ways like this that will provide individual people with care that they otherwise couldn’t afford. If you also feel drawn to help and would like some jewelry or beadweaving patterns, this is a great way for you to both help out and get a little treat. Have a great weekend! :)

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