Spring Collection 2021

Hi, everybody!

So, I wanted to try something different and do a big themed collection drop of the jewelry I’ve been making lately. I was inspired by these beads that we sell at BeadsDirectUSA.com. It’s a mix that we make in house using the PermaFinish Toho 11/0’s to make this lovely metallic rainbow. I think it’s currently out of stock, but when we do have it available, you can find it at BeadsDirectUSA.com by typing “TR-11-PFMIX01” into the search bar.

I loved the bright, happy colors and was really inspired to combine it with white to make a bunch of coordinated pieces. And I ended up making A LOT.

I’m going to be dropping all of these pieces at once in my Etsy shop at 7pm EDT tonight and you’ll be able to find them in their own little section called the Spring Collection.

Shall we take a closer look at some of the pieces?

First, earrings! I have four styles of earrings in this drop. The first are my beaded fan hoops, which use brick stitch directly on a hoop with a white round edging. They flare out from the ears when worn and I’m in love with this shape. I also have tubular peyote hoops for those who want all that color, but a slimmer profile hoop. Then I used more brick stitch on large gold rings to make beaded round circle earrings and a combination of brick stitch and long fringe to make long curtain fringe earrings with a rainbow splatter effect.

For necklaces, I have one beaded flower pendant with an aqua rivoli center and rainbow petals on a dainty gold chain and a long beaded lariat based on a Kelly Weise pattern in her book, Beaded Allure.

I also have a matching bracelet and necklace design available based on delicate beaded tubes and gold links. The bracelet uses a slinky gold chain extension that makes in very adjustable and has cute dangles.

And you know I have a bit of a bracelet obsession, so there’s a lot on offer here. There are two russian spirals (one with a single white stripe, and one with a double), a spiral stitch bracelet, and flat herringbone ribbon bracelet, a St Petersburg stitch bracelet, a Stash Worm bracelet, and a Ruched Tila bracelet, oh my!

All in all, I think it was really helpful for my creativity to limit my color palette to something so narrow and really go wild with it. I had to get creative a few times and was often challenged by the nature of the Toho beads (I usually use Miyuki rounds, which are far more regular, and the Toho PermaFinish in particular tend to have blocked holes). But I had a lot of fun with this challenge and am hoping the collection is as pleasing to you all as it has been for me!

All these pieces will be added to my Etsy shop on April 9th 2021 at 7pm EDT. Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to Spring Collection 2021

  1. I’d say you’re back in the groove! Love the pieces.


  2. lizbfox says:

    Very cool idea, Sam…….and I love your creativity. Unless I am bezeling, I usually prefer Toho PF to Miyuki. I hope the company will make a mix with the matte beads, as well.


  3. Gorgeous Collections of Jewelry. Love it. Thanks for Sharing


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