2020 Pattern Review – Cup Blossom Pendant!

Just got a quickie for you all today – February has just completely slipped through my fingers.

I wanted to get back to work revisiting and updating my patterns (after this, I think I only have four or five left!). One of my early, early patterns that I wrote and put up on Etsy was my Cup Blossom Pendant tutorial. I actually developed it while brainstorming ideas for bridesmaid necklaces for a college friend. It’s a vaguely 3D flower made by embellishing a base of 8mm rounds with seed beads and bicones.

It’s a pretty easy pattern, so I don’t think the actual instructions needed much updating. I made four new samples (I already had the purple and green one finished) so that I could take a new cover photo and voila! I think it looks nicely spruced up. It is a beginner’s tutorial and a little short, so I also bumped it down to $4.00.

Hope you guys are having a good month! Happy beading!

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