July Pattern Review 2019

Hey, guys! July has been pretty hectic for me. We had a lot of family stuff going on. So, I just wanted to pop in and show you some of the patterns I checked in on this month.

First, I wanted to try my Artful Arcos again. I got my hands on these really cool metallic green Arcos and really wanted to do a full bracelet with them. The seed beads are a matte yellow and metallic brown. I like it!


After than, I was REALLY feeling a strong urge to really whip out some earrings. So, first I hit up my Perky Pips pattern and combined them with some art bead dangles I had. The center one is from Fire and Fibers and the other two dangles are from Scorched Earth on Etsy. <3


And then I was still in an earring mood, so I dived into my Dainty Duo Drops pattern. I did notice that that pattern was missing a cover photo, so I did add that. The other two patterns were good, though.


Sorry for such a brief update. Like I said, this has been a rough month for us. But I did get the beading done that I wanted and I’ll check back in soon. <3

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