New Design! – Glamour Garland with SuperDuos and Seed Beads

Hey, my beady friends! I’ve got a new pattern to share with you.


This is my Glamour Garland bracelet! It uses just SuperDuos and seed beads and makes a pretty little set of leaves in a loose chevron shape and I’m really, really excited about it.

All of the colors that I used in each of the three samples is included in the pattern, on the last page. I’m going to start putting the colors in every pattern, since I get so many requests for them. <3 When I was figuring out the thread path, I stuck with this simple purple and silver combo.

But after that…

I discovered Christmas!!! So, it turns out that if you use red and green, the bracelet ends up looking like a garland of holly berries and leaves. I’m absolutely in love. I get so excited when a design can be seasonal or not, depending on color selection. The versatility is addictive!

Then last weekend, I taught a class at Beaded Bliss (my LBS) to proofread the pattern, and I decided to get a little more playful with my color options. This one is monochromatic as far as the seed beads go, but the SuperDuos alternate between seven different colors! I really like how it kinda highlights the chevron shape.

Just a heads up – because tension and snug-fitting seed beads give this pattern its tight leaf shapes, you need to use Miyuki brand seed beads. Toho beads are just a bit too big.


So, what do you think? Christmas garland or leafy chevrons? Multi-colored or mono-chromatic? I’m excited to play around with it some more.

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3 Responses to New Design! – Glamour Garland with SuperDuos and Seed Beads

  1. Toni James says:

    HI Sam,
    I made the purple one but when Terri was making the Christmas one, I fell in love with it too! Got it halfway done and hopefully will have it ready by this weekend. What colors did you use for the mono one? Love this pattern! Toni


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Toni! It was a pleasure to have you in class. The seed beads in that last one were all 2035 (Matte Metallic Khaki Iris) and a whole bunch of SuperDuos. All the colors for all three samples should be listed at the end of your pattern. :D


  2. Double Pie says:

    These bracelets are just beautiful


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