New Design! – Artful Arcos Bracelet and Earrings

Hello, everyone!

I finally have another new design to share with you. This one uses three-hole Arcos beads and seed beads to make a square-tiled design. What do you think?


Click through to get the pattern! 

So, I’ve been intrigued by Arcos for awhile now. I like the simplicity of their shape and the third hole seems really useful. I wanted to highlight the soft swoop of the curve on those beads, so I used different colors of seed beads to emphasize the shape.

For that first one, I used spring green 15/0’s, bronze Arcos, and Miyuki 11/0’s in Metallic Chocolate (461) and Salmon Luster (596).

Then, I wanted to try using a rainbow of colors. So, I used Black Arcos, gold 15/0s, and matte black seed beads (401F) for each unit and then different accent 11/0’s in nine different colors (all Miyuki and in order, as follows, 4491, 4474, 4481, 2074, 2075, 4490, 2047, 4470, 4458).


I am SO happy with the rainbow gradient effect! It’s almost like a subtle pride flag.


Since I’d only used Miyuki so far, so I also whipped up a pair of earrings using Toho beads. Not only did it work, but it was actually easier to maintain tension, since Toho 11/0’s are slightly chubbier than Miyuki 11/0’s.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the bead name or numbers for the Toho 11/0’s. But the 15/0’s are matte cream AB Miyuki beads (492fr). I think the earring shape turned out pretty cute, though! There are instructions for both the earrings and the bracelet in the pattern.


So, what do you think? Are these Arcos beads speaking to you at all? Any crazy rainbow ideas? I really enjoyed using so many bright colors. I might have to break out of my earthtones comfort zone more often!



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  1. Creta says:

    trying to download free pattern


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