New Design! The Ruched Tila Bracelet!

Hello, my darling beady friends!

I have a new pattern to share with you. You may remember my post about my amulet bag recently, and that the little purse I made had a little interlocking-circles motif?


Well! I really liked that part, and may have turned it into a full blown bracelet (and by “may have” I mean “definitely did and CANNOT wait to share it).

Introducing my newest pattern – the Ruched Tila bracelet!


Click the pic for the pattern link!

I am so happy with how this bracelet turned out and have been surprised by how versatile it is. The original prototype (and the example in the pattern instructions) is a five-Tila-tall cuff with Miyuki Tilas (Matte Khaki Iris [2035]) and Miyuki seed beads in two colors (Matte Khaki Iris [2035] and Picasso Seafoam [4514]).


The interlocking loops make a really neat braided or chainmail illusion, and I really liked the contrast with the structured Tila stacks.


Then, I decided that I really wanted to try to make an ombre, or gradient,  bracelet. I decided on sunset colors and made this piece.


Making this bracelet led me to discover also that this bracelet can use Miyuki or Toho beads interchangeably, which is rare for my patterns, since they usually work best with Miyuki beads. The Tilas in this bracelet are matte Dark Topaz AB  (134fr) and the 11/0’s along side them are some unlabeled Toho beads from my stash. The loops, in descending order are, Miyuki Opaqe Pale Pumpkin (2041), Miyuki Durocoat Opaque Red Brown (4458), Union Beads Lava Red (11-402-01890), Miyuki Special Dyed Old Rose (2046), and Miyuki Special Dyed Wine (2047).


When I was teaching the class yesterday (and getting some proofreading, haha), I decided to try a bracelet that was only three Tila’s tall and utilized a bead soup that I made from leftover 11/0’s in my stash.


And I haven’t finished my latest sample, but I decided to get really crazy and replace the Tila’s with a set of three Half-Tilas, making the structures portions wider. I also decided to use some really pretty Charlottes that were given to me as a gift. Looks like Czech seed beads work just fine as well!

One of the ladies in my class even tried swapping out the Tilas for 6mm Czech Tile beads, and that seemed to work just fine as well. This design seems to be quite the chameleon!


Do you guys have a favorite? Any thoughts on other swaps or color effects I could try out? I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

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14 Responses to New Design! The Ruched Tila Bracelet!

  1. Linda Katz says:

    I have light peach/pink tilas which would go great with a wine/bordo or violet color seed beads or metallic green tilas with gold or bronze would look great.
    As for swaping tilas – you might get a nice change with cubes.


    • samwescott says:

      OOooooooh! Those color combos sound lovely! I may have to try the cube idea… Although, I’d have to use twice as many, since they don’t have two holes… Food for thought!


  2. AMBER C PRICE says:

    I noticed that you have 8 sets of loops, I just purchased the pattern and was wondering what size your bracelet came out. I have a rather small wrist.


    • samwescott says:

      Hi, Amber! So far, I have found that eight rows of loops / nine rows of Tilas makes for just over a 7in bracelet (without the clasp) and seven rows of loops / eight rows of Tilas makes for just under 6.5 inches (without the clasp). Luckily, you make this bracelet in one direction, left to right, without having to double back or add layers of anything, so you can test the length as you go and make adjustments by careful clasp choice. Hope that helps!


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  4. Helaine Hartman says:

    I’ve tried several times to purchase this beautiful pattern but haven’t been successful in signing in. Can you help me?


  5. Tricia says:

    I’d like to buy a kit …. or 2.


    • samwescott says:

      Hi, Tricia! I don’t actually sell beads or supplies, so kits aren’t really in my wheelhouse. But! My boss over at Beads Direct USA liked the sunset color combo, so she has the beads for the loops in a little pack on Amazon here. Hope that helps!


  6. Cheryl says:

    Hi Sam….are the dark topaz tilas in the sunset piece matte?


  7. ewespecial says:

    Very Lovely… wondering, are all the seed beads used.. all 11/0’s?


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