Conquering the Amulet of Shame – Art Elements Challenge

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You guys.

You guys.

I did it!

My amulet bag is finally complete!

So, you may recall that waaaaaaay back in 2015, I entered a Stitch in Time amulet bag challenge blog hop that I revealed here. I decided to make my purse out of single-drop peyote, like a chump, and only finished the pouch portion.


I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish the clasp, flap, or strap. All I knew was that I wanted to use some of those pretty, organic-looking ceramic pieces by Scorched Earth. I decided to set it aside until I figured out how I wanted to finish it. And then I never came back to it.

Finishing it became one of my resolutions for 2016 and then, when I completely failed to pick it back up again, it became a resolution to finish it in 2017. THEN I saw this challenge on Art Elements and was allowed to join in and finish my amulet bag!


The dangles act as a sort of button clasp and the pouch is big enough for some cards, your ID, and some folded bills. Maybe a chapstick or two?

The chain attached is long enough that you can wear it on one shoulder at the hip, or across your body, so it sits at the waist.

Here’s a few detail shots. The pouch is single drop peyote and the flap is a combo if peyote, horizontal netting, and some overlapping circles I freeformed.

Thanks so much to Cathy for letting me participate in the challenge, even though I had already started my amulet bag. I am so glad to finally have this thing finished. It was my very first amulet bag and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


Take a second and check out what everyone else made for the challenge!


Samatha Wescott-

Oksana Bevz-

Genevieve Camp-

AE Members-

Caroline Dewison-

Cathy Mendola-

Cooky Schock-

Jenny Davies-Reazor-

Lesley Watt-

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25 Responses to Conquering the Amulet of Shame – Art Elements Challenge

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  3. That’s a stunning design, the subtle colours of the beads are gorgeous!


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks so much, Carolyn! I worried that I had kinda copped out using my favorite neutrals, but I really love the final effect. Plus, it matches everything i own, haha.


  4. I just love your beaded amulet. The bead weaving is superb! Glad you finally got the inspiration to complete it.


  5. Oksana says:

    Beutiful bag! Love the colors! It’s a lot of beading — I’m impressed!


  6. niky sayers says:

    what a really beautiful piece I love the colours and how your intertwined circles look like chainmaille!


  7. lesleyhw says:

    Very pretty Sam and a very unique design. Nice work.


  8. Yes! Hello again! Glad to have you back. The piece is stunning! And no shame… it was supposed to wait. I love the circles and the netting. I also really like the contrast of all the shiny bead texture with the contrast of the crusty ceramic pieces. Gorgeous.


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Jenny! Yes, it’s me again. Haha – always glad to hop on the Art Elements challenge train. Those awesome crusty beads are from Scorched Earth on Etsy. Petra makes some of the coolest stuff. :D


  9. Your bag is beautiful! I’m so glad AE gave you the motivation to finish it! I love the bead colors and your stitching is great – and a great way to make a clasp with the bag as well!


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Susan! I was worried that the “button” would be difficult to manipulate one-handed when worn, but I wore it out the other night and it wasn’t bad at all. :D


  10. Karen Totten says:

    That is amazing. Beautiful work!


  11. Laney Mead says:

    that is beautiful


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  13. Linda Katz says:

    Great Job ! it’s beautiful ! I love the way it looks like a pocket but is really a closure.
    It looks like it would be good for a girl going out on a date to put a few essentials in it, money, a cell phone, etc.


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