Ravenclaw Custom Work

Hello, friends! One of the reasons I have not been designing much lately is that I have been working on custom work. Generally, I am not super keen on custom work, as it usually means making something that you have already made before (which I find pretty boring), but with one teeny tiny change, like color or size. I definitely want to make my customers happy, but there’s usually not much room for imagination or creativity.

Not so in this case!

My friend asked me if it would be possible to make a set of Ravenclaw bracelets for her and some friends. For those of you who are not familiar, Ravenclaw is a house in the Harry Potter books. They value intelligence, wit, and a love of learning. In the book, their official house colors are bronze and blue (they changed it in the movie to silver and blue, which I think was a very poor decision) and their animal symbol is a golden eagle.

I had my friend glance through my etsy shop to see if anything caught her eye and she chose my Diadem design for the basic shape. (Those of you who are Harry Potter savvy may remember that the Diadem of Ravenclaw was an important artifact in the last book!)
With a few more tweaks and some customization, I made these three bracelets!

DSC00888a DSC00889 DSC00891DSC00890


The charms that I added are a feather (to represent the Ravenclaw eagle) and a Deathly Hallows symbol charm (also from the last Harry Potter book). I used lobster claws so that I could add an extension chain and make the bracelets a bit adjustable.

For my fellow beaders out there, I do have a tutorial for this bracelet design, which can be found here. Also, these are the Silky beads that I used. They turned out just lovely framed in bronze.

All in all, I am VERY excited with how these bracelets turned out. It was a great custom work experience!


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