A Time to Stitch Six!

I have officially signed up for my first A Time to Stitch Challenge, hosted by Therese and Christine! I have been watching these for a while and I am so excited to finally participate. The challenge this round is to use a chart of some sort to make a piece using peyote, RAW, brick, or square stitch.

This challenge reminded me of a piece I made awhile back for a friend. It was supposed to be Wonder Woman themed and it was my first try at drawing my own Peyote pattern. (Sorry for the poor photos – I yanked them from my old phone)


I was extra proud of this piece because of the extra work of drawing the chart out on graph paper and then watching the piece come to life in my hands.


I think I may try to recreate the experience for this challenge by using a chart that I make myself – as if I need to make my first blog hop challenge MORE difficult! Now I just have to decide on a stitch and design. Wish me luck!

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