Adventures in Bead Storage

Well, moving is a nightmare.

Ethan and my original plan fell through and after a whirlwind of stress and panic, we have ended up in a temporary situation in a big, beautiful, moldy old house. The owners are trying to sell it, so they could tell us at any time that we need to move out in 30 days, but until then, we only have to pay the cost of utilities.

I finally have my own bead room, but the caveat is that I really can’t do any major organizing (e.g. no hanging things on the walls). So I was hoping to show you a post of all the nifty storage ideas I had and how I was going to customize my bead room. Instead, I will leave you with a brief comparison of the apartment beading situation and my new one.

At the apartment Ethan and I shared until now, my poor beads lived in the bottom of the broom closet.

Yes, I have three bead towers. Judge not.

Yes, I have three bead towers. Judge not.

When I wanted to bead, I would typically spread all those containers out in a semi-circle on the living room floor and plop down in the middle. I usually had about an hour before my butt was completely numb and my legs were asleep. It was not ideal.

This is a picture from Ethan's drum throne, but you get the idea.

This is a picture from Ethan’s drum throne, but you get the idea.

Hopefully, this floor sitting is at an end! I picked out one of the bedrooms upstairs to serve as my bead room. It has a north-facing window, so there should be some natural light in the evening when I want to bead after work. The last tenants left a dresser (wrapped in shrink-wrap for some reason?) which I am essentially using as a shelf for all my boxed and sorted beading components.

DSC00113 DSC00114

Next comes my work desk. Unfortunately, I have yet to buy a work desk. When I obtain one, however, it will live here! Isn’t the little lamp convenient?


This little table was left in the room as well. I suppose it will hold my finished pieces that are available for sale on my etsy (at least, once I post everything again!).

DSC00116 DSC00124

The rest of my stuff (clipboards… bead embroidery foundation, my bag of empty seed bead tubes…) is currently lined up on the floor, but it’s organized. Organized is really all I need.



Then I’ve got a mirror on the wall so I can check necklace and earring lengths. There are also extra speakers in here, so I can listen to audio books and podcasts while I work!

DSC00118 DSC00125


Here’s a panorama shot of the whole room. It’s pretty empty, but it is so nice to have the space to spread everything out.



I’ve really missed beading and blogging, so I cannot wait to get everything unpacked and relax in here. I’ve got two new patterns all cooked up in my head. They just need written!

I’ll keep you all posted!

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