New Design – Quintadrop Flower Earrings!

Long time, no see, everyone! I finally published a new pattern and wanted to share it here. I think these little funky flowers are really cute and particularly like how the stem looks on a long kidney wire earring.

You can get the pattern here!

You need two-hole cabochon beads, 12mm bugles, Miyuki or Toho 11/0’s and either 3mm pearls or 3x4mm crystal rondelles. I think I’m definitely going to make a lot of these when I have cabochon leftovers after making a Demoiselle bracelet.

They’re pretty quick little flowers and I wouldn’t be surprised if I reach for this design for last minute Christmas gifts in about a month, haha.

This pattern does include the info on which colors I used and while it does include a bunch of photos, the instructions are written in clear diagrams that I drew myself, as always.

Hope everyone had a lovely autumn!


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3 Responses to New Design – Quintadrop Flower Earrings!

  1. Trudy McFall says:

    I love your new flower earring pattern. You just don’t see bugle beads used very often anymore!!!


  2. Alisa Lira says:

    It is a very interesting blog and your pics are beautiful.


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