Winter Blue-Grays

Hey, y’all!

I’ve been on a wintery color scheme kick with lots of grays and white and blues. I found this silver-splashed white GemDuo beads at work and really fell in love with them and wanted to make an Odessa bracelet with them.

I had a lot of fun with the bright silvers and pearl and went all out with an Elegant Elements clasp.

With the same GemDuo beads, I decided to do a small length of Tiptoe Chain to make earrings! I couldn’t decide on which length I liked better and the polls I posted on Instagram ended up being close to 50/50, so I just make a few of both.

I think the daggers on the end are just PERFECT.

I also had a few slightly older pieces that I thought fit this color palette. One was just some simple peyote stitch with Montana Picasso 8/0’s with silver scattered throughout.

The other was a Toying with Tiles bracelet in some silvered ivory tiles with, surprise, blue and gray!

We got a lot of snow and freezing rain at the very beginning of February, which ended up with me being trapped in my house for a surprise four-day weekend when my driveway got coated in 1.5 inches of solid ice. While trapped inside, I finally used a Humblebeads art bead that I have been saving for years. I used my Joystone bezel for the top and made a little tassel out of Tubelet beads.


And finally, I made a pair of Snowball fringe earrings! The drop is are adorable lampwork sugar beads from Elizabeth Girod over at Artistic Elements (formerly Fire and Fibers).

I know it seems like I’ve been busy lately, but this is also the first time I’ve posted since my Black Friday post, so this has been a nice long color obsession spanning several months. I think I’ve gotten this gray/blue obsession out of my system, but I guess we’ll see! What colors are you into right now?

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3 Responses to Winter Blue-Grays

  1. Liz Browning Fox says:

    I love your wintery mix, especially the Odessa. I feel another Odessa coming on soon…….I’ve been obsessed with bracelets for a bit. And beaded beads……always those, too. My colors, though, are anything but subtle. Let’s hear from you more often, OK? Happy New Year!


  2. Mark Morley says:

    I love this. Does the pattern just follow the Odesa Bracelet completely? I tried to find the pattern for the earrings but failed. Do you have a link to the earring pattern.


    • samwescott says:

      Hi! Yes, the Odessa bracelet is from the pattern, although the pattern doesn’t come with color lists. The earrings are from my Tiptoe Chain Bracelet. The pattern isn’t for earrings, but adapting it is easy. You just use jump rings to attach the ear wires and dagger beads. The link for both is in the blog post. :)


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