New Design – Dainty Duo Drops!

Hello, dear friends!

I am happy to announce that I have finally escaped from a whole summer of terrible designer’s block. From about April to August, I have been completely devoid of new design ideas or even motivation to play with new beads. I tried all sorts of things to kick-start my muse, but I think a few outside stresses from my personal life were just completely smooshing my creativity.

But fear not! I have escaped the doldrums and am ready to present you with a brand new earring pattern – my Dainty Duo Drops!

Click me for the pattern!

Click the photo for the pattern!

These drops are a reincarnation of an old pattern than mine that I think is far more sophisticated (and versatile!) in this form. This pattern allows you to use ANY drop bead for the bottom as long as it is drilled side-to-side and that means the silhouette changes drastically depending on your individual bead choices!

Here, I’ve got two fairly wide earrings that both used Czech pear-shaped drops. DSC00912      DSC00907

Then I have a much slimmer version with dagger beads and one with a Czech petal drop.

DSC00869      DSC00865

And then if you wanna get really fancy you can use faceted crystal drop beads like I did in these sets.

DSC00962      DSC00877

This pair with briolettes shows how you can go all out for something snazzy, but the pattern also includes instructions on how to make a drop-less pair like the second photo.

DSC00941       DSC00007

I’ve gotta say, I am VERY relieved to have escaped my creative doldrums and finally had a bit of a break through. In fact, I have been SO productive that I already have TWO more new designs completely and am in the process of making their patterns. I don’t want to show pictures until the patterns are ready, but I can give you two hints!

The bracelet/earring pattern I will be releasing later in September features Pip beads!



And the pattern I have in the works for October was made using some of these leftovers from August’s Component of the Month challenge!

Those hints are all you get for now. Stay tuned for more updates and new patterns!
Happy beading!

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