Tweaked Version of SuperDuo Knit Herringbone Bracelet

So, I have been seeing lots of beautiful bracelets on Pinterest and Facebook made from Potomac Bead Company’s SuperDuo Knit Herringbone video on YouTube and was dying to try it for myself. When I finally got around to it, though, I wasn’t super pleased with the thread showing in the center of the bracelet and the way the turn around looked on the sides. Eventually, I figured out a few tweaks to fix the problems and made these!

DSC00191 DSC00235

I was very pleased with these bracelets and since the original pattern is free and available on YouTube, I wanted to share my tweaks with you, .

So, the first tweak that I made begins at 2:53 where the instructor tells you to pick up one 11/0 and one SuperDuo. In my version, you will pick up two 11/0’s and one SuperDuo, instead. This fills in the gaps and hides the thread. I also think it emphasizes the v-shaped motif of herringbone stitch.

DSC00208 DSC00209 DSC00210 DSC00211

Photo 1: You can see that I’ve picked up two 11/0’s and an SuperDuo
Photo 2: I go down through the two 11/0’s in the row below
Photo 3: I go up through the top hole of the next SuperDuo in the row below
Photo 4: And repeat across the row…

The other tweak I made was on the sides. At 5:42, the instructor says to pick up some 15/0’s to cover the side thread. What I did was go up and around through an 11/0 and then add two more 11/0’s. Here are the photos:

DSC00212 DSC00213 DSC00215 DSC00216

(this is flipped from the last set of pictures – sorry about that)

Photo 1: I’m coming out of the SuperDuo that I passed through after adding my two 11/0’s and SuperDuo. This is where the video tells you to add 15/0’s.
Photo 2: Instead, I go straight up into the beads above and go through the first 11/0 on top of my SuperDuo. This leaves a tiny bit of thread visible, so try to match you colors.
Photo 3: Pull your thread tight and then pick up two 11/0’s.
Photo 4: Go straight up through that top SuperDuo and you’re ready for the next row!

Other than those two tweaks, I pretty much just followed the video. If you have any questions or a step is not clear, please leave me a message in the comments below!

In the meantime, here are some more photos of the two bracelets I’ve made so far like this. The gold one is made with two sets of herringbone and the blue one is three sets wide. I can’t wait to try more color combinations!

DSC00232 DSC00187 DSC00236DSC00192 DSC00238 DSC00189

Happy Beading, everyone!


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29 Responses to Tweaked Version of SuperDuo Knit Herringbone Bracelet

  1. Cheri George says:

    Thank you it looks much much better.


  2. Thanks a lot! How nice of you to share with us. They look gorgeous.


  3. grammy says:

    Really thank you for sharing. I have shared your version with several of my friends too..


  4. Nareszcie zobaczyłam jak trzeba robić ten piękny splot. Jest wspaniały :) , dziękuję :D


  5. Dominique says:

    I made two larger bracelets in several colours…they are so beautiful! Thanks!


  6. kat says:

    thank you so much it soes look a lot better. Two questions is there any way you have the written instructions instead of following the video? and did you have trouble with the magnetic clasp closure?


    • samwescott says:

      I’m afraid I do not have any written instructions, as the original technique was published by Potomac Bead Company, and not me. I don’t want to direct any traffic away from their video, so the only things I post about the pattern will be supplemental.

      And no, I love these slide clasps. They work using both magnets and a little tension do-hicky (sorry, I don’t know what to call it), so they are very secure. :)


  7. Lisa says:

    Hi Sam what color superduos did you use in your blue bracelet? Very pretty!


    • samwescott says:

      Hi, Lisa! I used about 10 different colors of SuperDuos. I can try to get the list, if you want it, but I’ve found that a great way to get a SuperDuo mix is to skim a little off of all your half-tubes. A little bit of lots of colors always looks good!


  8. Michele says:

    Did this but also after I went through the bottom superduo instead of going up and around I went through the other hole and back up,the 11/0 to hide the thread from the side completely


  9. Gael Guerard says:

    I’ve tried to play the video several times over the past couple days. It never goes more than a few seconds–even when I try skipping ahead. Beautiful bracelets! Thanks!


  10. Is there another video for this? You Tube doesn’t work and I’m not understanding the paper version


    • samwescott says:

      Any questions about the video itself should be directed to Potomac Bead Company, as the video belongs to and is maintained by them. For what it’s worth, the video is working fine on my end, so maybe you have a security setting or some such keeping you from viewing the video? Maybe try it on YouTube’s site instead of through my blog?


  11. Love what you have done with the pattern. I added additional 15/0’s on the sides to hide thead which worked great. The additional 11/0 adds a new dimension to the pattern. :)


  12. Shawnee glenn says:

    I love this, thank you! Going to attempt to make a coin purse with metal clasp with your tweeked version….off to pick colors!!!


  13. Debra Schwartz says:

    Thanks! Looks great!


  14. Paillot says:

    Your blue bracelet really is amazing. As several other people asked before me, would you let us know the colours you used please?


    • samwescott says:

      Oops! I thought I had replied with the color list, but apparently I did not. Sorry!
      The 11/0’s are Miyuki’s Metallic Indigo Iris (467).
      The Super Duos are Pastel Bordeaux (525032), Pastel Montana (525042), Pastel Petrol (525033), Pastel Aqua (525019), White Lined Tanzanite Luster(520500-14400), Blue Luster (503000-14464), Blue Picasso (533050-43400), Turquoise Blue (563030), Jet AB (523980-28701), and Blue Dark Travertine (553050-86805).


  15. Angela Nocella says:

    Where can I find the direction on paper


  16. First of all i love the tweaks you gave this, it looks a lot better. 2nd can you tell me how you finished the ends to add the slide clasp, yours look different from the video. thanks for sharing.


    • samwescott says:

      Glad you found the links useful, Amber! All that I did was find the places where the seedbeads were at the end of the bracelet and made loops extending out of them. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have a specific thread path for any of them (which is why I didn’t include it). It was kinda freeform. After that, I just added my slide clasps with jump rings.

      Liked by 1 person

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  18. Michelle says:

    Your beaded bracelets/cuffs are so pretty. i too loved the technique in Potomac’s video. Really like your tweek. Love your color combos too. Thanks for sharing!


  19. Alzira Theresa Savedra Sousa says:

    Thanks,I would like to learn more about tour work.Beautiful work.Where can i buy boks .


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