Wednesday Bead Night – What’s on my bead mat?

I went to Beaded Bliss this past Wednesday to hang out and work on a wedding order that I got. A bride-to-be saw a picture of my one of my SuperDuo Fishtail bracelets and requested that I make some in her wedding colors: white, yellow, and gray. Sounds easy enough, right?


Well, she has a rather large wedding party and needs ten of them. Ten!  That’s not a difficult order and she doesn’t need them for a few months, but I must admit – I’m starting to dream in yellow, gray, and white!

So, after making a few of these little bracelets, I decided that I desperately needed to work on something else. I’ve been in love with really long earrings ever since I cut my hair short, so I decided to work up a pair of those. I only got the Rivoli bezels done and I’m not sure what I am going to do to finish them up, but I really wanted to share them.


I started with 14mm Rivolis, 3mm Czech crystals in an aqua/topaz color, and iridescent 3mm Swarovski bicones in a soft green color. The seed beads in a pile in the corner are 15/0 Miyuki in matte olive.


P1060183          P1060181

Didn’t they turn out nice? I used Sahara 14mm Rivolis and used Gail Damm’s Rivoli Dangles pattern from Creative Beading vol. 4. She uses a picot stitch to capture the Rivolis, which I much prefer to making peyote bezels. (My loathing for making peyote bezels is beyond human understanding, I tell you). I also left the back open (the bottom left photo is how the Rivolis look from the other side), since long earrings tend to twist.

All in all, it was a great bead night at Beaded Bliss and I am quite pleased with how these components came out. I will be sure to post pictures for the finished earrings when I decide what to dangle from them!


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