Earring Designs

This page is dedicated to Wescott Jewelry original designs.

Click through this link to purchase these patterns from Etsy.com.

Email me at wescott.jewelry@gmail.com to discuss teaching a class on any of these designs.


Dainty Duo Drops

Choose your favorite drop beads to give this versatile pattern a whole new look!


Backsplash Earring

Use Tango beads and Silky beads to make this tile-inspired earrings.


Dragon Blossom Bracelet, Ring, and Earrings

This bracelet pattern include instructions for lovely little blossom made of dragon scales.


SuperDuo Star Earrings

Combine top-drilled bicones and SuperDuos to make these stunning stars.

Lacy Diamonds SuperDuo Earrings

A simple design with some use of peyote stitch and lots of personality!


One Response to Earring Designs

  1. Patricia says:

    Love your site. Really love the new AVA beads and have also been experimenting with them; love geometrics.


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