Bracelet Designs

This page is dedicated to Wescott Jewelry original designs.

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SuperDuo Rosette Bracelet

SuperDuo Rosette Bracelet

This is by far my most popular design and is suitable for intermediate weavers.


Backsplash Bracelet

Use Tango beads and Silky beads to make this tile-inspired bracelets.


Daybreak Bracelet

Use MiniDuos and SuperDuos to make this Art Nouveau inspired bracelet.


Demoiselle Bracelet

Use Honeycomb Beads or DiscDuos to make these colorful bracelets.

BarcelonaCover copy

Barcelona Bracelet

This pattern includes both a large cuff and mini version of this versatile design.


Dragon Blossom Bracelet, Ring and Earrings

Use delicate dragon scale beads to create these pointed blossom bunches.

PPipsCover copy

Perky Pips Bracelet and Earrings

Use adorable Pip beads to make this dainty floral band and matching earrings.


Two Years Cuff

Experiment with Tiles and Kheops par Puca beads to make this elaborate cuff.


Best Dressed Hexes Bracelet

A quick, sparkly design to showcase two-hole Hex Pyramid beads!


Tracery Trinket

Trace Silky beads with seed beads and then customize with embellishments.


Diadem Bracelet

Use Silky beads and SuperDuos to make this royal bracelet.

TilesCover copy

Toying with Tiles Bracelet 

Use Czechmate Tiles and SuperDuos to make these smooth, stylish bands.

CoverWorm copy

Stash Worm Bracelet

Use mixed extra beads from your stash for this fluffy, embellished bracelet!

RullaBrick Road copy

Follow the Rulla Brick Road Bracelet

Both Rulla beads or Czechmate Bricks will work to make this delicate bracelet.

Cover copy

Double Jump Ring Bracelet

This bracelet requires only basic stringing and knotting techniques, but the result is grand.

Saturn Chain Bracelet

Saturn Chain Bracelet 

A quick and easy design suitable for beginning bead weavers.

Bejeweled Collar Bracelet

Bejeweled Collar Bracelet

A fresh take on right angle weave (RAW) with lots of variation.

P1050344 copy

SuperDuo Fishtail Bracelet

A fun integration of herringbone and SuperDuo beads!

9 Responses to Bracelet Designs

  1. Donna Neeld says:

    Such beautiful beading and so many different designs ,like this site so much.


  2. Kathie M. says:

    In your stream you have a “Toying with tiles” bracelet that is very unique. It has sort of a beige patterned bead with a maybe blue bead at the top. Could you tell me the name of the colors? I love it.


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Kathie! Unfortunately, I’m not really sure which one you mean. Of the three Toying with Tiles bracelets pictures, one is turquoise, one is gold, and one is dark red. Which one were you referring to?


      • Kathie M. says:

        Chalk Lazure?


      • samwescott says:

        Are you maybe looking at the Diadem bracelet? I don’t have any Chalk Lazure Toying with Tiles bracelets.


      • Kathie M. says:


      • samwescott says:

        Oh! Wow. I had completely forgotten about that one. The Tile beads are a color call Picasso Opaque Pale Jade, the SuperDuos are Chalk Lazure Blue. The 15/0’s are Miyuki’s Matte Metallic Silver/Gray. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on the 11/0’s, since they came in an unmarked tube as a gift from a friend. But they’re a sort of matte pale yellow of some kind. Possibly Toho brand? Hope that helps!


  3. Kathie M. says:

    It does and I love the overall effect. This is a lovely bracelet. So often when you look at bead colors on-line they don’t look at all like the finished jewelry pictures.


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