Swarovski to Stop Selling Beads? What I Know So Far

So, first off – I am not a journalist. I haven’t been deeply investigating into this story and I don’t have direct info from Swarovski. The bead shop where I work doesn’t currently carry Swarovski crystal, so we don’t have a direct representative to ask.

But I am very plugged into the beading community on social media and there seems to be a bit of a Swarovski storm brewing and I wanted to put everything I know into one place and maybe hear from you guys if you have more info?

So, first of all. I run the Beads Direct USA Instagram page and follow a whole lot of beaders and bead shops from that account. A little over a week ago, I noticed a story from an Australian bead shop alerting their customers that they weren’t going to be able to sell Swarovski beads anymore because Swarovski was switching their focus to their fine jewelry and not selling beads or crafting supplies anymore.

I know. I was also shocked.

But, after some extensive googling, I wasn’t able to find any other source to back up that claim. It seemed doubtful that the Australian shop would lie about something like that, but maybe it was region specific? I didn’t know, but since I didn’t have any more info, I just waited.

Now, I’m in a couple different beading groups on Facebook, and one of them belongs to Jill Wiseman. I don’t post on there much, since she only allows posts of her designs and products, but it can be a really great source of news. When people in her group who must have also seen the rumors started asking about it, she promised to check with her Swarovski supplier and get back to us.

On October 30th, this is the email she got and shared with us.

“Dear Valued Customers,
E.H. Ashley continues to be your source for Swarovski crystal components. They have assured us that we can continue to place orders and they will be delivered. They do not plan to abruptly cut off supply on any products.
I know there are a lot of rumors out there, but we are in continuous contact with Swarovski’s management team and base our information on the facts they provide. They are reorganizing their business and “will continue to sell Swarovski crystals albeit in a more controlled environment with select branding partners.”
As more information becomes available, we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, please be assured that we are here to continue to supply you.
E.H. Ashley & Company, INC”

Interesting. But, lo and behold, the next day on October 31st, Jill shared this with us.

“Can we stand one more Swarovski post? Well, I’m going to write one!
Here’s fact: Australia and New Zealand HAVE been told they will no longer receive beads (and fancy stones) from Swarovski by the end of the year. According to a MAJOR bead store owner in Perth, Swarovski then intends to look at other markets and decide. I trust what she says.
Swarovski IS going through a major reorganization with an eye to cutting areas so they are thought of as a luxury brand again. There have been many layoffs within the company under it’s new management, and it’s not over yet. It is unclear at this time where the beads and components line falls within this.
Here’s my personal speculation: I think it’s possible that they are closing down the beads and components market region-by-region. I hope I’m wrong. But it makes no business sense to keep making the product, but then exclude a large territory like Australia/New Zealand from purchasing it from them. It seems more like the first step in a process.
Here’s my personal plan: I will continue to stock Swarovski. Right now, there are no significant limitations on obtaining it here (other than Covid-related.) But I also will be looking to add Preciosa into our crystal lineup. It will take a while, as US distributers are terrible about carrying the full product line. Example: one distributer I looked at yesterday carries THREE 3mm bicone colors, and about 20 of the 4mm bicones. Preciosa has 42 base colors and an additional 17 color effects for reference. I’ll have to hunt and search, and then I’ll have to afford it too – so it will be a process.
I also plan to look for good quality Chinese bicones as another price level option for my customers.
What I think you should do: Carry on as usual for now. If there’s a Swarovski color you adore with all your heart, you might gradually lay in a little stock for just in case. As always, I will keep you posted with any new developments as soon as I know them.
What about prices: Some folks have asked if the price will go up. I don’t know right now, but probably. At Jill Wiseman Designs, I have not increased Swarovski prices in 5 years – I’ve absorbed 5 years of annual cost increases and currency adjustments. It’s something I’ll look at in 2021, or sooner if there indeed is another cost increase.
That’s everything I know, folks. Stay calm. We can do this.”

After that, I was pretty convinced that Swarovski had decided to stop production on their beads and crafting supplies and was just trying to only tell one region at a time. Jill’s right. It just wouldn’t make any sense to exclude Australia and New Zealand if every other region was going to continue as normal.

Then Stitchncraft, a UK bead store, shared this in their newsletter, which Jill shared today, November 7th.

As many of you may be aware there have been a number of rumours recently regarding the direction that Swarovski are moving with their business. As a Swarovski Authorized Retailer we had a meeting on Friday in order for them to share with us their future plans.
Unfortunately we have to report that they will cease, or have already ceased, production on virtually all of the Swarovski products we stock as part of the restructuring of their business. We felt that we had to alert our valued customers as many of you will have patterns, kits and unfinished projects that will require the now discontinued products ranges.
Their projected plan is that from January 2021 their current direct customers, like us, will only be able to purchase a certain amount of product each based on a previous purchase history. The sale of the products to direct customers will cease from June 2021.
Whilst this may seem like a long way away it is important to note that when there is no more production on these lines that their stocks may well run out well before this deadline. We do have access to their stock holding of all the lines we sell but of course we do not know how quickly these lines will diminish.


So, if the UK is also not going to have access to Swarovski crystal beads and stones after 2021, I am pretty certain that this is going to be worldwide. This kind of restructuring isn’t super surprising, since apparently they’ve had massive job cuts and store closures this year. I think the attempt to market themselves more exclusively by clinging to the fine jewelry angle and abandoning their craft marker is understandable, if disappointing.

First off, do you have any info that I don’t? Have you received contradictory information or heard from other retailers about this? If so, please let me know if the comments. I’m really interested in what’s going on and why they’ve taken this weird approach of only telling certain regions at a time when the internet makes news fly so quickly.

Secondly, how do you feel about this? Personally, I’m not very inconvenienced individually, I really don’t use bicone crystals very often and I don’t have any patterns that rely on specialty Swarovski shapes or stones. All of my patterns that use bicones and rivoli crystals will work just fine with, say, Preciosa bicones or Matubo rivolis. And as a beader, I tend to reach for Czech Fire-polished crystals before a sparkly bicone – it’s just not my style.

But it is still really shocking to see such a giant in the industry abandoning the craft market (and in such a weird, half-concealed way). And after losing my two beloved local bead shops this year and the Bead and Button closure, it is definitely a little emotional to see another pillar of the beading community crumble. Although, now would be a great time for Preciosa to step up production and worldwide availability and I do like some of their finishes and prefer their price point.

What do you think? Have any more info to share? Any feelings?

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45 Responses to Swarovski to Stop Selling Beads? What I Know So Far

  1. Elizabeth (Liz) Browning Fox says:

    Good post, Sam. We’re all finding some empty shelves these days, and it has been wonderful to continue beading when other things have changed so much……and now this. As time goes on, we’ll need some great ideas for what to do with 3 of this and 5 of that, because the other manufacturers colors just don’t quite match. What will I miss the most? The Swarovski iridescent crystal pearls……..oh, no!


  2. Sam I got this from Harman:

    *Important Notice*

    Dear Valued Customers,

    In recent days we have seen statements being posted and rumors being circulated on social media regarding the restructuring of Swarovski and how it would effect their production of crystal components. As your supplier of Swarovski crystals, we feel it is important for you to have the facts and keep open communication with our loyal customers.

    We have a unique and long-standing relationship with Swarovski that goes back 68 years and are always in continuous close contact with Swarovski’s management team. We base our information only on the facts that they provide to us directly.

    Swarovski is in fact in the process of restructuring their entire company and business model. They will continue to manufacture and distribute loose Swarovski crystal components but how this will be implemented is still being decided.

    Please rest assured that we at HARMAN can and will continue to be your reliable source for Swarovski crystal components. Swarovski has assured us that for the time being, there will be a constant flow of product. However, you may still see longer lead times due to COVID and factory staffing reductions.

    As always, we will keep you informed as we receive more information from Swarovski concerning the restructure and how it might affect us and our customers.


    Alisa Mandel Nogen, CEO


    • samwescott says:

      Man, that is SO interesting! The part where they say “Swarovski is in fact in the process of restructuring their entire company and business model. They will continue to manufacture and distribute loose Swarovski crystal components but how this will be implemented is still being decided.” could definitely still mean beaders not having retail access, but I wish they would just tell us what they mean. Thanks for adding this in!


  3. Rebecca Starry says:

    I for one felt disheartened by the news. I use some crystals, not as many as other artists. But I felt abandoned, like we weren’t worthy of their product. Now I expect to see more people turning to a lessor quality, cheaper alternative component to incorporate into their work. Then, when Swarovski makes up their mind on how to get their now higher priced product to us – it will be too late to convince some to come back. Perhaps it will open the door to competition like Preciosa or someone else to enter the game.


  4. Liz G says:

    Hi I was just googling about the changes at Swarovski and I came across your post. The following is an email I received from a wholesaler that I deal with here in the UK who seem to have received similar info to the other shops in the UK. Stephen Arnold are one of their main distributors in the UK so if it’s affecting them I can’t that it wouldn’t affect all distributors/retail shops especially with what they have been told. Whether they are having their accounts closed a region at a time could account for the differing messages! Still very sad information whenever it happens!

    “To all our customers,

    Stephen Arnold Ltd was established almost 26 years to the day (est. 1994) as a wholesaler for jewellery and Czech glass beads. Swarovski approached us to become their ‘Business Partner’ to sell their range of sparkling crystals to customers they could not reach and we were thrilled to be working with such a beautiful product!

    Over the years our relationship with Swarovski flourished and we received numerous titles for our outstanding work and dedication including: ‘Authorized Wholesaler’

    ‘Official Retailer’

    ‘Application Partner’

    and finally ‘Official Distribution Partner’

    (of which we are 1 of 12 globally).

    Over the past 26 years we have had the pleasure to work with some truly amazing people! Some of whom have worked with us from day one and feel like part of the Stephen Arnold family. Our family has grown over the years and we have been able to produce some fantastic creations working closely with and building such a wonderful community.

    You may have heard in the news that from January 2020 a new CEO of Swarovski has taken the reigns and implemented some changes.

    Unfortunately, some of these changes have had a huge impact on the division within Swarovski that sells their loose components also known as Swarovski Professional.

    We have regrettably been informed by the Head of Regional Business Management for the UK&I, Benelux and Scandinavia at Swarovski, that from June 2021 our account as a long-standing customer/partner with Swarovski will close, along with all direct Swarovski Professional customers globally.

    Here’s what we have been told;

    Swarovski will be focusing their brand towards the luxury market in the apparel and accessories segments
    Effective from June 2021 Swarovski will close all customer accounts
    From June 2021, neither Stephen Arnold Ltd nor any retailer, wholesaler or direct Swarovski customer will be able to purchase Swarovski crystals.
    Until this date we can continue to sell Swarovski Crystal

    What’s next for you?

    We understand that this may come as a shock to you and as you use Swarovski Crystal in your designs/work/products or your business focuses on Swarovski in some format, we felt the need to inform you at the earliest possible opportunity.

    There are alternatives available, such as Preciosa and Chinese cut glass crystals. I have provided the link to Preciosa below.

    Preciosa – https://www.preciosa.com/en/home


  5. Blair says:

    I stumbled across your post while doing some research.

    I too have been informed by one of my swarovski wholesalers of these changes that will begin as of Jan 2021. As a Bridal accessory designer, I am completely gutted, stunned and shocked by their decision to completely up and abandon all of their loyal artisans, crafters, designers and retailers who have invested thousands of dollars into their product for the creation of their designs.

    I am heartbroken that after 11 years of my business I have to try to find an alternative to the quality that I love, stand behind and provide to my customers.

    This is a real shame.


    • samwescott says:

      I think you’re the first person I’ve heard from who’s in a different crafting sector. It’s validating to hear that other folks are getting the same info, but I’m really sorry for the trouble it’s causing you. :(


      • Blair Nadeau says:

        Thanks. I think the news is slowly trickling down through industries. I’m still awaiting more information from my supplier as they have admitted the info they have gotten is spotty at best.

        I guess this is a time for Preciosa to step it up, as they will be the next best quality in the game.

        It’s heartbreaking to know that this will hit so many industries. It will have a real ripple effect.

        Thanks so much for your kind words!


  6. Rai Sow says:

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CHiLjVQDedy/ check out this instagram post, it was announced there too.


  7. Anonymous says:

    The Jewellery Channel are holding their last Swarovski day today due to Swarovski stopping supplies


  8. Ashley says:

    This is terribly disheartening as so many of us use Swarovski for our income as well. I feel like I’m being fired too. Me and many of our nail tech friends are stocking up as much as we can on crystals.

    They’re handling this so poorly, like they’re trying to save face. But honestly screw them. How could you not disclose clear information directly to the public that has supported you for decades? Our livelihoods matter too! But apparently not to Swarovski. I wouldn’t support them after this regardless.


  9. pauline cymet says:

    I, for one, am disgusted and angry at SWAROVSKI. Why? I received the Harman letter also, but in it , my letter stated that we designers will NOT be able to from now on say “made with Swarovski crystals”. Manicurists who use the crystals in their nail art, also, will not be able to buy the crystals.

    They apparently are cutting off connection with many companies that sell their beads, which, of course, means the product will be limited to buy and MORE COSTLY. as there will be only a limited number of vendors. But what does that matter, if we are no longer allowed to say OUT OF PRIDE in the product that our designs contain “the finest precision cut crystals in the world?”

    I have spent mega bucks for YEARS-DECADES REALLY- making jewelry containing what I consider to be the Rolls Royce of cut crystals. I had to re-word all my eBay listings that said “made with Swaorvski crystals”, so as not to get the Swarovski police on my tail, despite eBay having told me that it was fine to list that way. I never infringed on their intellectual properties, never used a fake label, did everything BY THE BOOK, as I respect my wholesalers.. NOW, all of the designs I make for my private clientele (celebrity based) and eBay and anywhere else I sell will have to be made with INFERIOR products. aFTER ALL THE YEARS OF
    PAYING THRU THE NOSE, HIGH PRICES but for quality, and touting their crystals as the finest in the world, and giving them top drawer publicity, I and many other designers, shop owners, etc. are BEING KICKED TO THE CURB, like THEY DON’T CARE IN THE LEAST THAT OUR BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS FOR YEARS AND GIVING THEM GOOD PUBLICITY matters. THIS IS A MATTER OF CORPORATE GREED. I AM DISGUSTED… Once again my income is affected, and
    while the company has the right to modify their firm’s MODEL, they have shown no respect whatsoever for the people who have supported buying their product for decades. this is SHOCKING…and UPSETTING as I now have to scramble, settle for 2nd best product, and what do I do with my current stock if a buyer says are the crystals,Swarovski, pauli? If you are a designer, like me, I hope you are offended and outraged as I am. sincerely, pauline cymet


    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me they will regret this. Have you looked at their website lately? Trashy and gaudy. I mean my work looks better than that. Preciosa is stepping it up and they may be the replacement we’ve always needed and never knew.


      • pauline cymet says:

        I don’t wish harm on anyone, but I do agree that their move may come back to bite them. They are so affluent, that any bad karma won’t make a financial dent in their lifestyle. The way they high handedly state “you can’t say made in Austria even if you don’t use the Swarovski name”, is disgusting & callous, imperious & despicable. They have the right to change their business model, as anyone does, but the way they threw everyone who had purchased from them for years, to the curb is atrocious behavior.,I am moving in another direction and changing my style all because of them and the loss of customers who regularly bought from me. Swarovski has impacted me, and I am more than annoyed. Feel sorry for other designers, especially those who create wedding gowns & now will have to up their prices as sure the cost of what they are able to buy from Swar will be higher.


  10. Rena says:

    I make pageant gowns and dance costumes and got notification today that my wholesale account is closed effective 12/31/20. I use 1000’s of crystals on my gowns and dance costumes and now I’m starting to think I need to find another source. I’m shocked that they are abandoning the small business industry. Swarovski is what ALL my clients ask for and now I’m going to have to tell them either the price has gone up or I have this other alternative (that I’ve yet to source).


  11. Pauline Cymet says:

    Rena. i feel so bad for you! And like me you are one of many sellers trashed! I am angry as i have boxes of Swarovski crystals but if i use them i cant say made with Swarovski despite my customers insisting on the best crystals! The company has a right to change their biz model but to put tons of small businesses in a position like this is completely spiritually low and cruel! !!! I hope a competitor raises the bar and creates a comparable product soon so Swarovski can regret their actions!!!! I am truly livid as this is one more brick thrown at indies!!!


  12. Ed T says:

    It’s unfortunate… BUT it’s the new CEO’s decision (internal family strife at work) to “elevate” their brand from being associated with “10e t-shirts with our crystals” to being in the hallowed halls of Cartier and Tiffany. HERE”S the catch…Only their more recent crystals are that great. I have crystals from the 40’s, 50’s and on from Swarvoski and guess what? they are pretty similar in finish to the current competitors..So to other indie/debuting/new designers who don’t make the “sw—ki” cut? no worries, there are companies DYING to sell/expand their market who with demand will improve their products for us.


  13. Pia Fertig says:

    As a Swarovski B2B customer in Europe I have the information directly from Swarovski, that they will massivly reduce the production of crystal components by end of the year. My customer support did not confirm, that they will stop seeling components at all by mid of 2021 – what I heard from the maybe largest Swarovski whole-seller in Europe. So we should prepare to say good by to Swarovki beads and crystals I fear. But I already started to swithc over to Preciosa Crystals – Precios is a Czech glass manifacurer with a really old tradation – so much experience. The quality of the crystals I use (Maxima Chatons & Maxima Rivoli) is excellent, the numer of colors is a bit less at the moment … but that might change in future with more customers. In fact I already did some tests but customers could never point out, what is Swarovski and what is Preciosa … so check fpr Preciosa ;)


  14. Anonymous says:

    Check out Swarovski page. EVERYTHING regarding crystals and alike is on sale. Seems, they are not only stopping the production but also trying to get rid of the stock fast. Everything 50% – 70 % off.


  15. Tzippy says:

    I also go this mail from my supply shop in the USA – Fire Mountain Gems – one that I buy from a lot.
    “We’ve just got word from Swarovski® on select items they’re discontinuing. What this means is Swarovski is no longer producing these beads and components and once we sell out, they’re gone for good.
    As promised, you’re hearing this right along with us, and we’re prepared to make sure you can order everything we have in stock, down to the very last bead.
    We encourage you to shop this discontinued selection as soon as possible and stock up while you have the chance. We’ll continue to give you timely notice on their discontinued items and make sure you have every opportunity to purchase any favorite Swarovski products”.


  16. Rahul Arora says:

    Hi ,
    So the Crystal component Business here in India has almost been shut effective October 31st.All employees including the MD have been asked to leave. I know this as several of my friends working there are amongst them.. (I worked for Swarovski crystals in 2015) Here is an article where the new CEO clearly says the b2b business does not add profits nor value.


  17. I received an email from Fire Mountain Gems, stating the same news concerning the discontinuation of several (if not all) beads for redistribution/consumer purchase. FMG then gave two lists containing stock they had left, saying “once it’s gone, it’s gone for good”. OMG.
    But I get a feeling that China will be taking up the stack. They already sell knockoffs of Austrian crystal, so I think it’s a given that they will take over as a world manufacturer & distributor. Not happy about that, but half a loaf is, well, half a loaf :-(


  18. M Park says:

    Just heard the shocking news a few days ago and found your blog post about it (so far, it’s the most comprehensive and relevant to the bead/jewelry industry, thanks!). Dreamtime creations (a major US retailer for Swarovski) has confirmed the crystal lines that are being discontinued, and it’s basically everything, even the classic bicone cut. I can’t believe it. For Swarovski to end production would be like Adobe removing Photoshop from the entire creative industry. It’s extremely depressing news, not to mention a tragedy for industries worldwide, businesses as well as individuals who have built their livelihoods around it. I am more fearful than I am angry (although I completely support the other comments thus far)… because Preciosa does not cut it. I bought Preciosa once on accident and immediately decided never again – the cuts are not as refined or consistent. They have a completely different feel (plastic toy beads, anyone?). And the colors… aside from limited color range, the surface shine is unnatural. There is no “sparkle.” While Preciosa may be a good alternative for some consumers, I believe most creative professionals can tell the difference and will feel devastated by this news. I restocked what I could as soon as I heard about this, but I’ll be looking to natural gemstones, cubic zirconia, and manmade crystals from other countries for supply substitutes. Another thought I’ve been considering is that this corporate move, in addition to being poorly executed, absolutely pathetic, and financially lazy… may just alienate the very audience they’re trying to appeal to. This kind of exclusivity may have worked decades ago, but I don’t think it will be popular with today’s generation that is moving towards greater democracy and freedom (globally). I kinda hope it backfires in the company’s face.


    • I agreed wholeheartedly. I believe they have shot themselves in the foot. I am hoping that some other company will take up the slack, regarding crystal production. This year hasn’t sucked enough, apparently.


    • Anonymous says:

      Nice to know i am not alone in my disappointment re Swarovski’s move. I fail totally to understand why a company earning plenty of $$$$ on he sale of their beads alone, is acting in what appears to be almost a vindictive move against people who have supported their company for years by buying their beads. Certain there is a hidden agenda story somwhere in the mix. Re Preciosa-no great color choices, don’t like the texture, and it is Not A SUBSTITUTE for the beauty of Swarovski. So after decades of making jewelry that used Swarovski crystals, I have been kicked to the curb. Am I angry about it? YES, the analogy that you used in your letter was apt. THE REAL QUESTIONS is what is the real MOTIVE of Swarovski to do something this bizarre. Who has a product that everyone wants and buys and then just puts a halt to its production? There is nothing logical, so as I said earlier, there is a hidden agenda story and we are not privvy to it.


  19. Kat says:

    Hi there,

    I found your blog when Googling for more info on this subject after receiving the following from one of the suppliers I use here in the UK:

    We have recently been given some devastating news by our partners of almost 20 years, Swarovski.

    As some of you may already be aware, they are having a massive reorganisation and are ceasing to sell their crystals to the D.I.Y. market, concentrating instead on apparel and their own brand of jewellery.

    This means that from June 2021, we (nor any other supplier) will no longer be able to buy crystals from Swarovski. Up until then, a limited range of products will be produced, which we will be able to buy and sell to you.

    We have removed the Factory Pack options from our website to prevent confusion, but there are still stocks at Swarovski of some items and the limited range of identified products will still be produced for a short while.

    If there are any product that you’d like buy, do contact us and we’ll check if that is a product that is available and if so, we’ll give you a price and expected date of delivery.

    Stocks of many items are already low at the Swarovski central office and production seems slow even on those items they are continuing to produce in the short term.

    © Jilly Beads


  20. Pamla L Mixter says:

    I’m glad I found this discussion. I’m in the United States and had just read an article talking about this. I had to see if there was more to know the truth. I’m broken hearted. I’ve been obsessed with Swarovski since the first I laid eyes. The cut, the provision, the sparkle, the colors, the quality, the beauty, everything from beads, fancy stones, rhinestones, findings, clasps, pendants, I use it all! There is no comparison in my book. I have read that it’s due to an internal fight within the family. Two want to continue the way it’s been but one does not and wants to go into the “exclusive” high end area. Unfortunately this is the one with majority ownership. From what I’ve read the other two are going to court over this so it’s not set in stone just yet…I hope. Lastly yes I’m angry. I don’t think this has been thought through. Or that this CEO realizes just how many customers this impacts and how many they’ll lose because of this. Truthfully I feel it’s the end in all for Swarovski. For I agree, in this day and age going “exclusive” will backfire. First off I feel personal bias colored this decision and this “CEO” is just a plain snob. Secondly I don’t feel it will bring profit, instead it’ll bring full closure. Because becoming “exclusive” isn’t going to work. Not when individuals can buy real stones for similar pricing. if given a choice to buy a gem or a crystal at same pricing, who would pick the crystal? Not me. This concept may have worked back in the 1960’s or 50’s but not today. Their “bread and butter” truly is the craft/designer market. Sad shame one CEO can’t or won’t see that. Even if they’d just raise prices I’d still have continued to purchase. Instead this CEO has basically stated like others have said ” we’re not worthy of being supplied.” I don’t hope it backfires for I already KNOW it will. My only hope is that the other two persuade him out of it. What a sad day knowing this is true. Don’t know where to go now for nothing compares to Swarovski, nothing.


  21. Claire L. May says:

    I want to add a different perspective on this issue. I think it is amusing that one of the owner/CEO’s of Swarovski wants to focus on the luxury market. Why? Because people who can afford luxury items will be more likely to purchase genuine diamonds, rubies and other beautiful gemstone jewelry. Are high end customers really going to buy glass jewelry instead? I understand they sometimes do wear to gatherings instead of their more valuable, and therefore theft worthy jewelry pieces. He seems to have an inflated sense of what he believes the luxury market is, the value of his company’s glass products, and of his own financial sense. I think the Swarovski products are beautiful, no other company, thus far, makes a comparable product, and I have used them myself to great effect. But in the end they are glass, not diamonds and rubies, and I think he is making a terrible mistake!!


  22. Pamla L Mixter says:

    I did want to add that since learning this I have already started my search for an alternative. I have found one so far but unfortunately it being a rather “new” company ( launched 1995) they only have basics in shapes and colors. Far as I’ve seen they only carry chaton and similar stones and I haven’t seen any beads like the bicones. I did order a few sample packs from off Amazon and I’m pretty impressed with how close they resemble Swarovski crystal ab. My daughter tried to guess which was which and got one right but one wrong too. The company is in China and it is called Dongzhou. The crystal is referred to as k-9 crystals. They do have their own website with other products listed and I plan to reach out to them and discuss if they’d be interested in extending their lines if the customer base is there. They are also one third the price if swarovski! They have “weight” to them and don’t “feel” cheap like the preciosa. If anyone is curious they are sold in multi shape packs on Amazon. I’ll let you all know if I find anything more!


    • pauline says:



    • pauli cymet says:

      please give me the exact url for your subs you found; i am devastated by the Swarovski news as having been designing with them for decades. Thank you for posting. pauli cymet


  23. tina brandon says:

    Some of the TV shopping Networks are saying they won’t have anymore Swarovski Crystals and Zircons loose and/or finished product after June I think.


    • I have received an email notification from Harman (a top wholesale bead distributor), and sharing it here:
      “Dear Valued Customers,
      As you know by now, Swarovski is going through an entire corporate restructure resulting in significant changes to their distribution and branding of their loose crystal components.
      As of October 1, 2021, HARMAN will be one of the few distributors globally who will be authorized by Swarovski to continue to purchase and sell Swarovski branded loose crystal. If you are interested in continuing to purchase Swarovski branded crystals after September 30, 2021, you will be required to sign a Brand Control Agreement directly with Swarovski (which we will facilitate) and be pre-approved before we are able to sell to you. Furthermore, the ability to purchase loose branded Swarovski crystals will be restricted to end users only, designers and brands who manufacture a finished product. Those who resell loose crystals will not be eligible.
      To learn more about the Swarovski Brand Control Agreement and to receive more information once it is available, please fill out our Preliminary Request Form For The Swarovski Brand Control Agreement. All submissions will be notified as soon as the Brand Control Agreement is available.
      If you are not going to continue purchasing Swarovski branded crystal after September 30, 2021, do not worry! As a longtime Preciosa Crystal distributor, we are working to expand our offering of their crystals. And we are very busy developing new sources for high quality crystals that we plan to introduce later this year.
      We understand that you may have a lot of questions about all these changes. Please contact us with any general questions, about the requirements or the process to continue to purchase Swarovski crystals or about other options of crystals, and we will be happy to assist you.


  24. SD says:

    I agree with Claire L. May. Are multimillionaires really going to purchase a Swarovski necklace for $300 when it’s only glass and plated brass, not even real sterling silver!? Or will anybody else? You can buy some gemstone and gold necklaces for that. I love Swarovski crystal, but haven’t found any comparable crystals. I guess if nobody else steps up to the plate, I’ll switch to real gem beads. At least there’s no monopoly on those.


  25. Jennifer says:

    Okay, so here are just a few of my personal thought, questions and curiosities…
    First, why would Swarovski come out in Spring and Summer of 2021? They started the shimmer line and the shimmer ABx2? Why do that and the increasing popularity, although it is not my style of the ABx2 with other colors? If you are about to reorganize your entire corporation, what would be the point? If you are already losing money because of the many wholesaler to customer business dealings, and therefore the average customer can get them for the same, if not cheaper, than from Swarovski, why a new line?
    I would expect that the shimmer would be the ones in least supply being the newest, moving forward. So what would be a prudent thing to do now if you wanted to invest in Swarovski? Would that be a good idea and would now be the time?
    I currently am an at home caregiver for my Mom who is very sick and without me here, couldn’t stay at home. So I am here for as long as necessary. It just also means that I bring in no income. If I did have some savings to invest, would it be worth it? If it was worth it, what would you buy in bulk to break up and sell? Does plain, AB, ABx2 or shimmer or shimmer x2 sell the most or, if you are a shop owner, would you be willing to share with me your thoughts and if this is an investment opportunity or do you think people will just move on to Preciosa, which I think are quite pretty, or some other crystals? Could this be the opportunity to save myself and find a way so I am not left in debt, because I will never leave my Mom’s side, so either way I will stay put. I would just rather her not worry about what happens to me if I can say ‘Hey, don’t worry about me, I have an investment that will yield me enough to be okay.”
    Thanks for reading this long one, and thank you for any information or opinions or whatever you are willing to share. Thanks a bunch!


    • pauline cymet says:

      I am so sorry for you and your mom. Mine was ill with Parkinsons ll years. I know what you are experiencing. And it is the ultimate heartbreak to watch your mom suffer. I cannot answer questions about SWAROVSKI stuff, as I am so outraged by them. If I can design anything WITHOUT it, I will. They showed no loyalty to any of us, who made them rich over decades. So. SWAROVSKi CAN KISS MY -ss AS THEY CUT MY INCOME from their poorly conceived plans to feather only their own nests & their timing couldnt be worse. I WILL SAY A PRAYER FOR YOU NOW THAT YOUR MOM’S SUFFERING AND PAIN is abated, & that you are able to stay strong & know you are doing the right thing, being there out of love for her. I felt the same about my mom, and she has been gone since l994 & my heart aches for my parents, my furbabies, stepdad,& all my friends, who also passed. LIFE has been a big surprise for me since 2000. I wish you strength & courage as these are tough times for all of us!


    • Pia Fertig says:

      When having a look at the colors (and line naming and color naming) of Aurora … ie Chaton A1088 in Black DIamond Shimmer -> I guess the productuion that was Swarovski is now at least driven by Aurora (“The AURORA crystals and applications are European multi brand, sourced from different global suppliers incl. own production located in different countries”).


  26. Tom says:

    These are all so amazing!


  27. SD says:

    I have bought and love Swarovski, but I don’t consider glass to be an investment. I have a lot of sterling silver findings and jewelry, and I believe that that’s a better thing to sink your money into. Would say gold, if it wasn’t so crazy high. Precious metal has had value since it was discovered by humans.


  28. Chantal says:

    Has anybody purchased either Prestige crystal from Artbeads or Crystal Passions from Fire Mountain Gems? In trying to find a Swarovski alternative I’ve noticed that both crystal brands are made in Austria and are marketed with the same language they used to use for Swarovski. I ordered some Prestige bicones in tanzanite from Artbeads, because mom wanted a Hill Tribe silver rose and I wanted something else to get free shipping, but they haven’t come yet. When they do I plan to compare them to known Swarovski crystals in the same color. If they match in color exactly and have the same facets as the Swarovski Xilion bicone, I guess I will know where they came from even if they don’t bear the famous name.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m assuming that mogul distributors such as Fire Mountain have more clout than the average consumer, and are probably “grandfathered in” to receive crystal shipments for life. And, of course, pass on the increases to us. I trust Swarovski as far as I can throw them. If an alternative comes into my radar – most likely China – I’ll check it out. In the meanwhile, I spit on the family of Swarovski and their sudden switch in policies. AND… as for DEMANDING that those who buy from them cannot use the term “Austrian Crystal”??? they can KISS MY BUTT.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anonymous says:

        “as for DEMANDING that those who buy from them cannot use the term “Austrian Crystal”??? they can KISS MY BUTT”

        Linda, you are too kind. I believe in karma; may it very soon pay a visit to these insane idiots. As far as I’m concerned, they DO NOT own the rights to the words “made in Austria” and can’t stop us from using it if we choose to do so.

        I would imagine a huge part of this has to do with pure greed in addition to being total idiots. I read the list of rules they have in place for those they deem special enough to purchase their beads. If the trash out there taking off their clothes and proceeds to post it on a social media account along with any bad behavior, you are then deemed worthy of purchasing their product. Those of us with values and morals have seen for years how bad behavior is always rewarded. I thought Swarovski was a reputable company; they have now shown their true colors which proves who and what they truly are.

        I too will be glad to see when this comes around to bite them in the as*.


      • Ana Abendroth says:

        Evidently they don’t need our money…..


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