September Pattern Review 2019

You guys! We are getting seriously close to the end of the year! I’m still on track to make new samples of each of my patterns, but it is not leaving me much breathing room, let me tell ya. I was super productive this month, though!


Firstly, I was really enjoying making new samples for my Stash Worm bracelet. When I originally wrote the pattern, I was really keen on making them with mixed bead soups, but lately I’ve been into doing individual strands, leaving the colors separated. Either way, it’s a great way to get through 11/0’s and I have quite a stash.

The gold one in the first photo is an old sample, but these three are all new. The green and blue/brown are the thin version, with the pink/copper at the full width.

After that, I made one of my Oculus Bezels for this crazy wolf cabochon I found at Beaded Bliss. It’s the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m absolutely in love.


I had a really hard time getting a photo with out glare – the cab is super glossy. But it’s a black wolf with a pentagram and hellfire behind it. It’s so incredibly kitschy and I had so much fun with it. Since it’s an Oculus bezel, it is double-sided. The back is a glossy black.

After that, I unpacked my Silky collection. First, I used these super interesting table cut cross-patterned Silky beads in one of my Tracery Trinkets. I haven’t made one of these in quite some time, but I really enjoyed picking out the colors and finding these perfect fire-polished crystals for the edging.


Aaaaaand, last but not least, I just finished this Backsplash bracelet earlier tonight. I was inspired by Carole Ohl’s habit of making bracelets where each unit is a different color scheme and used this opportunity to use up the dregs of my stash of Tangos. They’re all in the gray/black/green/teal family, but this sort of patchwork aesthetic was a really fun experiment for me.


I really had a lot of fun with these this month. It’s been a long time since I’ve played with my Silky beads, but they really are a pleasure to bead with. I think I might leave them out for next month! Only three months left of the year and still so many patterns to revisit – I’m gonna be a busy, busy beader.


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6 Responses to September Pattern Review 2019

  1. Coral says:

    Hi Sam! When I first opened your email, the first visual impact was “what fat caterpillars!” 😁 Enjoyed reading your emails. I haven’t kickstart some of the tutorials I bought from you yet as I do not have some of the materials available locally. Thanks for your clear instructions and willingness to share. God bless you and family! ❤️

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  2. Liz Browning Fox says:

    Oooh…..I love your “quilt panel” Backsplash bracelet. What a great idea! I also love the wolf cab Oculus. As you may remember, I’ve been having fun using that bezel, and find that the original one works for both 24mm (lunasoft) and 25mm (glass) doubled cabs. Have you ever tried it with other sizes?


    • samwescott says:

      Thanks, Liz! I’ve been having fun experimenting with 25mm glass cabs in addition to the 24mm Lunasofts, but I haven’t experimented with any other sizes. I assume the basic concept would work, but you’d have to do a whole bunch of tweaking, both on the size of the actual bezel, and to accommodate the steepness of the cab dome.


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  4. beautiful seed bead jewelry :) Love it


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